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A Guide to Choosing Tea Length Wedding Dresses

Veena Aruldass Nov 5, 2018
Every girl nurtures a dream of her wedding day. She dreams of a typical wedding where she is the gorgeous bride dressed in a pristine white gown and as she walks, the dress flows behind her.
Tea length wedding dresses are unique looking and can be a perfect choice if you want your wedding day to be the best day of your life. For those who must be wondering what exactly is a tea length, simply put, it is a dress hemmed to end at the shins, falling several inches above the ankles.
The hem of a true tea length dress should reach somewhere near the bottom of the calf. The dress should be about 4-inches above the ankle, though there could be a difference of a few centimeters, depending on the length of your legs.
This kind of dresses can be worn for outdoor weddings like a garden party or a wedding by the beach. The shoes and accessories play an integral role in the entire look.


Tea length wedding dresses are considered best for warmer climates. They are ideal for tropical theme weddings or beach weddings. These dresses are cost-effective and extremely comfortable. They are even less expensive than the full-length gowns.
They make a flawless design for a wedding dress if you have planned an informal or semi-formal wedding. You will look absolutely delightful.
You can create a unique and customized design for your dress. Nothing can be better suited for women with lovely long legs than a wedding dress with tea length. These dresses will enhance their height and they can flaunt their legs.


It is essential to find a wedding dress with the right cuts and shape that will suit you perfectly. You can choose from among the various styles like A-line strapless, A-line combined with V neck and slightly short wedding dresses or a sleeveless spaghetti strap dress, satin, and chiffon dresses with sleeves, and many more.
You also need to add the correct accessories. You can have an exquisite tiara, lace, and jewelry. Also, if you like a full length gown, the skirt can be altered to a tea length.
You can also customize the dress with a halter neck, off shoulder, an asymmetrical hem line or a dress with a belt and bow at the waist. You can go in for frills or choose a plain elegant dress and you can also try using a stole with the dress.

Colored Gowns

You can experiment with a huge color palette when it comes to wedding dresses of this length. You have a wide range to choose from when you are looking for wedding dresses with color. You can stick to the traditional, white or ivory dresses or you can go in for colors as well. Soft, pastel colors like cream and beige are a good option.
If you want to add some color, rather than going in for the traditional white color, you can have a dress in subtle pastels like peach, light pink, lavender. You can also try a sober shade of yellow which will be perfect for an outdoor wedding. It is better to stay away from bright or dark colors.

Gowns with Sleeves

These wedding dresses can vary in their lengths. You can have sleeveless dresses or you can experiment with the length of the sleeves as well. Opt for full sleeves or a maggie sleeve.
You can also have a Chinese collar on your dress with the regular length of sleeves or alter the length of the sleeves depending on your body. Plus size dresses are available but it is not recommended to wear a tea length dress as it makes the body look shorter.

Vintage Gowns

The 1950s vintage style is perfect for that impeccable and classy look. It will give you a feminine look, especially if it is in chiffon. You can also have this dress with a waistband in colors like pink, lavender, or light blue. You can also have sequins and laces to make the dress look stunning.
The idea of wedding dresses with tea length is certainly catching momentum. It is the ideal wedding dress for today's modern woman. These beautiful dresses come in a variety of fabrics. You can choose one as per the weather or the theme of the wedding.