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Thank You Messages for Weddings

Mayuri Kulkarni Nov 22, 2018
Thank you messages for weddings are necessary for showing gratitude for gifts and the presence of the guests at the function. Get help to draft out a thank you letter with a few samples for the same.
Sending thank you messages to the guests is important. It is a sign that you have acknowledged the gifts presented by a them, irrespective of whether you liked it or not. It is not mandatory to include long speeches, essays, or famous thank you poems or quotes to thank your guests.
Few simple and sweet words can also make great messages. A thank you message consists of three elements; name of the guest, the gift, and how the gift is useful for you. Try to avoid long sentences and include short, catchy words.

Wedding Thank You Note Wordings

Sample Thank You Message to a Close Relative/Friend

Dear Anna and John,

I wonder how you got to know that I would be so happy to receive a food processor. It is just awesome and has become my favorite kitchen appliance. It will surely help to save my time in my hectic schedule. I will try to master using it and would soon invite you for having lunch or dinner with us.

Love you, (Your and Your Partner's Name)

Sample Thank You Message to an Acquaintance

There are some people at the wedding whom you meet for the first time or they are mere acquaintance. You need to thank them also with less informal language.
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Smith,

Thank you so much for the beautiful vase you have presented us, as our wedding gift. It is simply adorable and will always make us think of you when we see at it.

Sincerely, (Your and Your Partner's Name)
As mentioned, you can thank your guests and tell them how useful their gifts were. Some guests like to present the wedding gift in form of cash, check, or gift certificate, thank them by saying that you have been saving money to buy certain home appliance and hence the cash gift has been very useful to you and so on.
Tips on How to Write a Wedding Thank You Note
Always use a handwritten note, since it expresses sincere gratitude.
⦿ If a guest has presented more than one gift, then send separate thank you note for each gift.
⦿ Mention your new contact number and address in the note.
⦿ You should also send thank you notes to your friends and relatives who arrange parties or showers for you.
⦿ Try to send the message at the earliest after the wedding or after receiving the gift.