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10 Things You Must Know Before Buying a Wedding Dress

Things You Must Know Before Buying a Wedding Dress
Before you say yes to the man you love, you need to say yes to the dress you will be wearing on your wedding day. There are quite a few things you must bear in mind while selecting the right dress, to dazzle everyone you come across. Wedessence tells you what to avoid and how to find the perfect dress that will enhance your overall look on your wedding day.
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Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
The 4 Styles of Wedding Dresses
Ball gown
Red gown
Fitted bodice and waistline with a full skirt
White gown
High waistline and slimmer skirt
Princess cut
White dress
Vertical seams and an A-shaped flared skirt
Short dress
Follows the line of the body
It is true that as a bride, a girl will have all the attention on her, which means that her dress has to be as immaculate and beautiful as she wants it to be. Whether it is a custom-made gown or one from a boutique that catches her fancy, a bride knows she has to literally hunt for the one that will not just complement her but also enhance her mood and appearance.

While every bride dreams of walking down the aisle looking her very best, shopping for her dress is one uphill yet fun task that she has to undertake. This requires prior planning and a lot of searching. After all, saying 'yes' comes at a cost, and this involves saying yes to the dress that takes away not just her breath, but will eventually succeed in leaving the guests and the groom in awe on the 'D-day'. Given here is a bride's guide to find the perfect dress.
Know Your Body Type
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The first and most important point every bride needs to know before shortlisting her dress is her body type. Knowing your body type will help you eliminate styles that do not flatter your figure. This will also help you decide on the material and pattern that will suit you best. The main point is that your dress should be able to accentuate the best features of yourself, and for that, knowing your body type is essential.
Envision the Minute Details for the Wedding
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When we say minute details, it includes seeing yourself in your wedding dress inclusive of the veil and accessories that will make you look stunning. The location, setting, and theme of the wedding are important factors that will help you decide on your dress. Having a clear idea of how you want your wedding to be will help you decide if you want to have a princess-like dress, a ball gown, or a flowing romantic gown. Remember, the setting plays an important role in helping you pick the right dress that will suit the ambiance of the ceremony.
It is Okay to Try Out Different Styles
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Confused with what will look best on you? You needn't be; allow yourself to try out different styles while at the wedding salon. You never know what will look good on you till you have tried it out. Often enough, brides make the mistake of believing that if something looks good on a mannequin, it will look good on her as well. Remember that the mannequin is not you, which means that you need to hit the trial room to know the perfect fit of the dress that catches the fancy of your eye. Besides, you will also get a first-hand experience of the fabric that will make you look fab.
You Can Opt for a Colored Gown
Pink gown
Afraid, you won't be able to pull off a pearly white gown? The good news is that, you can opt for a colored gown that will enhance your complexion. When you go shopping for your dress, give a second thought to trying out the off-whites, ivories, blush, and champagne-colored dresses that are there at the store. You are never really sure if something will look good on you till you try it out, and I believe if something suits you, then you should seriously consider it as an option. Undoubtedly, your gown will decide the mood of the evening, and you have the liberty to play with it.
Sometimes Opinions Matter
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If you are confused between dresses, it always helps to take a second opinion from someone you trust. It is perfectly fine to bring along a trusted entourage to help you select the perfect dress. Do remember though, that 'too many cooks spoil the broth.' When you decide to go shopping for your dress, do limit your entourage to a couple of people―this can include just your mom and sister or a close friend, and definitely not a big group. You should be the showstopper for the evening, so it is best to keep your dress under wraps at times.
General Awareness of the Customs Followed
If you are thinking of a proper Church wedding, then it would be wise if you consider asking around for the customs followed before investing in the dress. Some religious or ethnic backgrounds might take offense with you flashing bare shoulders or head. It is best to follow guidelines specified rather than face embarrassment on the wedding day.
Leave Room for Alterations
Buying a dress too small for your frame will leave you in discomfort on the wedding day. It is best to buy a dress that fits you well, when you try it. The point is, buying a dress that is one size smaller than your actual size with the hope that by the wedding day you will fit into it is seemingly unrealistic. Buying a dress that fits you well, gives you room to alter it if you have indeed lost weight prior to the D-day. Remember, your dress can always be altered to fit you snugly.
Pay Attention to the Overall Cost
When you go into the store to purchase your dress, you need to take into consideration the other aspects that come along with the dress. This often includes the veil, gloves, and other accessories you use to customize your dress. All of this comes at a cost, and you definitely do not want to get a rude shock when the dress is delivered. Considering all the hidden costs will help you plan out your actual budget.
Plan Your Budget
Way before you begin searching for the right dress, you need to chalk out your budget. This will allow you to decide if you want a custom-made dress or one picked up from the local boutique. Besides, it will also help you decide on the fabric of the dress, as certain fabrics are more costly than the others. Planning your budget will also help you look at the options available to you with that range, and it will ensure you do not go overboard, thus, saving cash for your honeymoon.
Apart from these guidelines, you also need to remember to take along any hand-downs or accessories that you intend to use for your wedding. This includes the veil and tidbits that have an emotional value attached. Last but not the least, don't just keep trying on dresses; take a decision, and finally, go for the one that makes you look immaculate and radiate happiness.
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