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11 Things Men and Women Should NOT Wear to a Wedding

Things You Should Not Wear to a Wedding
"Oh yeah, the girl who was drowning in that shimmery fishtail dress!" If you don't wanna be a victim of such free gossips and speculations, browse through the list of things that you should NOT consider wearing to a wedding. Wedessence is here to help you with things that you as a wedding-attendee just CANNOT afford to wear.
Payal Kanjwani
Last Updated: Jun 7, 2017
The easiest of tricks we can give is:
Before choosing a dress, put yourself in the shoes of bride (or groom), and think what she would like to see on her dream day! Anything that would offend or outshine her is not a good idea to go about.
Most of us are over-enthusiastic about the idea of weddings; all the more if it's a destination wedding. Planning starts months before the the day. From choosing the right gifts to deciding the attire for the wedding can be tricky. And that one question which everyone has on their minds―What do I wear? Should I choose bold colors or subtle ones? Maxidress or short dress? Tiara or no tiara? Formal or semi-formal? Phew! So many choices to make. Something that flatters you, plus something that doesn't make you look like you've tried too much.

Every wedding has some uninvited guests, some who hog on food, some who dress wacky! You definitely don't wanna be "that" person with everyone being staring at you. As far as wedding norms are concerned, your attire should not clash with the bride or the groom. It's a special day for them, and they deserve to look special. Unless, the wedding calls for an informal theme, do not dress up casual. Do not wear tacky clothes. There are certain colors that are not to be worn. Well, we have a big DO NOT list. Let's AVOID these at all costs.
For Women
All Whites or All Blacks
Girls in Black and white dresses
Perhaps, you don't wanna be the-girl-who-wore-white or the-girl-who-wore-all-black in so and so's wedding. 'Cause the etiquette book for weddings clearly has a mention about it. White is meant for the bride and the bridal party. No beige, no ivory, no off-whites. And no excuses will be accepted if you turn up to a wedding dressing all white! Black is associated with deaths and bad omen. I know, black makes you look slim and sexy, but you don't wanna be the person to be blamed for any mishaps in the wedding. So spare it for a day.
Makeup and Accessory Overdose!
More Make-up
You sure are attending the Lakme Fashion Week! I mean, walking in with all those dozens of makeup and accessories shows you're trying too hard. You will gain attention, but I'm sorry about it being negative. As far as weddings are concerned, keep it formal and elegant, unless it's mentioned in your invite.
Tiara Trend
girls wearing tiaras
Tiara trend has long gone. Attention-seekers is what they'll call you. Crowns, ornamental headbands, anything that resembles a tiara will be considered disrespectful to the bride. It's her day! Let her shine! Save your special day tiara for theme parties and proms.
Skimpy Outfits
Girls In skimpy Dresses
No low-cuts. No see-through dresses. No exposing bra-straps. Act like grown-ups and shun revealing too much. I agree, weddings come with a great chance of meeting people, but there isn't really a need for your assets to bulge out. There isn't anything wrong in flaunting a leg or styling in different dress cuts―off-shoulders, one-shoulder, strapless, laced stuff, but do keep a check on the line between decency and vulgarity.
Office Overdo
Girls in official dresses
You probably took 'formal' too seriously. You don't need to turn up from office. You can go in for pastel skirt-jacket combos, but drop these overly-business outfits for today. Two people have decided to stay together and share their joy with you, by inviting you. Don't show your disinterest toward attending the wedding by carrying the professional look.
Girls in Gothic dresses
You are obsessed with black and dark stuff. Styling Gothic is no harm, until and unless it's an elegant Gothic wedding. Other than that, wear pastels, lessen that kohl, try adding colors to the couples' life with your little deed of dressing color.
Okay, I get it, that you've outlandish choices, but making one such choice on this day can be embarrassing. Do not try to upstage the bride by dressing up in garish outfits and glittery stuff.
Wild Prints
Girl wearing wild print dress
Weddings are classy, club-wear isn't! You always get to see some people dressed up like they have come for a JLo concert! Wild prints are exotic, but just not meant for wedding ceremonies. So, no snakeskins, no leopard prints. If you're too fond of animal prints, you can go in for an accessory―handbag, a statement clutch, or footwear, in contrast to your outfit.
For Men
Denim Disaster
Boys in Denim
Denims? No. Skinny jeans? Nope. Colored jeans? Well, that's a bachelor's party dress code. No matter how dressy the jeans are, they are just not acceptable. If you want that cool, casual guy look, go in for khakis or skip the tie on your suit.
Shorts, T-shirts, Flip Flops!
boys in shorts and flip flops
I know, you wanna flaunt that 'desirable physique' of yours. But don't choose weddings to do that. Shorts, t-shirts, boxers―a big No! Do you wanna know about tracksuits? Well, all we have to say is, dress your age! Save them for your vacations and workouts. Dress formal, and by formal we mean formal.
Funky Accessories
Funky Accessories
We are not going to a rock concert. Definitely not a punk party. So, drop those metallic bracelets and funky chains or chain wallets for a day. Weather leather belts, statement watches, and a real pair of shoes! Let the gentleman come out.
Do make it a point to go through the invitation card thoroughly. If a specific theme is mentioned, confirm the attire with the bride or the groom or a close relative.