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Tips for Planning an Autumn Wedding

Richard Clayton Nov 11, 2019
From the seasonal foods to the amazing foliage, fall weddings are very appealing. Along with the season change, you should also keep several tricks up your sleeve. Here are some useful tips that will help you to plan an autumn wedding.

Make the Comfort of Your Guests a Priority

Fall wedding weather is not that great as you will have to deal with rain, cold, and wind while making sure your guests are comfortable. If you want to have an outdoor wedding, you should plan for rain as well as a cold front. In the last forty-eight hours to the wedding, you can decide to bring in extra heaters if the cold takes a turn for the worse.
However, if you want to include tents, you should make this call well in advance. When using a tent, you should consider flooring because a slippery, muddy ground is the last thing you want at your wedding. Consider cozy vignettes that will make your wedding venue warmer. To keep your guests happy, you can also bring in some fire pits, or get blankets.

Use the Season’s Bounty

Fall flavors don't just revolve around pumpkins. You should speak with your caterers to make sure they incorporate the autumn favorites such as squash, mushrooms. When it comes to the bar menu, you should also include specialty drinks with ginger and pear. Your catering team should be able to include fall food ideas that match your theme.

Book Vendors Early

If you want to host your wedding in an area with beautiful fall foliage, you are not the only one. For this reason, you need to choose your wedding venue early enough to prevent any last-minute rush. Make sure that you book a wedding photographer, hotel, transportation, and venue for several months in advance.
October and September are the busiest wedding months, so you should book your venue at least six months in advance. Even mobile toilets and shuttles tend to be overbooked during this busy wedding season. If you select and book the vendors early enough, you can get a jump on the wedding planning process.

Take Advantage of Fall Colors

We usually think that wedding colors only apply to centerpieces and clothes but you need to consider the bigger picture. For instance, if you are buying a wedding dress from companies such as Azazie, you should know the color palette in advance.
You need to coordinate the colors at your wedding ceremony and reception to ensure that your guests have the most colorful views during sunset and sunrise. Choosing the most colorful wedding venue will also result in the most beautiful wedding pictures. Moreover, you can have a romantic cocktail hour during sunset.

Remember the Little Details

It is the little details that can transform a normal wedding into a unique and memorable one. Fall provides endless seasonal possibilities and comforts that enable you to give your guests a good and enjoyable experience. For instance, you can offer hot cider on a cold evening to warm up your guests and make the event more enjoyable.

October Weddings

Are you planning an October wedding? You should consider adding some Halloween details to your event if you want to evoke a rustic theme. In the evening, you can offer your guests some toffee apples and sparklers.


From drink and food to the manner in which you introduce guests to the multi-colored surroundings, there are numerous ways to incorporate fall into your wedding. Just remember to keep the event intimate and plan ahead to ensure that you have a good fall wedding.