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Tips on How to Choose a Wedding Location

Tips on How to Choose a Wedding Location for the Big Day

Everything from the decoration to arrangement, food to the wedding theme revolves around the location you select. Hence, choosing an apt wedding location that caters to all your requirements is important. Here are a few tips on choosing a right wedding location. Keep reading.
Divya Bichu
Last Updated: Mar 5, 2018
Firstly, congratulations all you brides and grooms-to-be on your upcoming nuptials! From here on begins the planning of the big day you have always dreamed of. A picture perfect wedding! Perfect lights, fabulous decorations, scrumptious food, wedding cake, and the chaste wedding vows, Wow! Sounds so beautiful. However, for all these ideas and plans to fall in proper place, the wedding location you go in for is extremely important. It will truly reflect your style and enable you to cherish the magical moment forever. A wedding venue you select will give you a clear picture of the myriad ideas you can execute in that given room. When a couple starts looking for a wedding location, too often they fall in love with the ambiance and beauty of the place without even considering a few other factors that play an important role. Well, it happens in the moment and one cannot be blamed, after all it is the big day of their life. However, to avoid any regrets or incorrect planning here is an article that will help you select the best of locations and at the same time impress your guests with warm hospitality and fantastic arrangements. Read the entire article to know how to choose the perfect wedding location.
How to Choose a Wedding Location
  • Capacity: No venue will extend itself magically if you add a few extra guests at the last minute. You need to have a good idea of the number of invitees and in fact add some 50 guests to the number just to be on a safer side, and then look for a venue that accommodates your guest list.
  • Standing or seated party: When you plan a wedding party it becomes important for you to decide whether you want to serve a stand-up buffet or serve food at the table where people will be seated. While you decide for the same, do not forget to consider the crowd which is being invited, you have to make seating arrangements for senior citizens whatever arrangement you opt for.
  • Your budget: Sometimes, brides and grooms get carried away by the ambiance of a certain wedding location and happen to shortlist a location which doesn't even fit their budget. Get realistic, don't exceed your budget in an effort to impress people. Make sure you and your husband-to-be have set a budget and start searching for venues that fit well into your budget.
  • Decoration: If you have planned something or have a certain theme in your mind regarding your big day, then look for a location that will translate your thoughts and planning into reality. Discuss with the venue in-charge about the decoration and ask them about the fees they will be charging you. If you find the costs to be unreasonable ask them if they are OK with you employing your own decorators.
  • In house caterer: Some wedding venues serve only a particular cuisine and you have to go by it. So, find out whether they provide in house caterers, if yes, what kind of cuisine do they serve and the range of dishes in that cuisine. Do not forget to try the food in there before you finalize everything, you don't want to regret anything, right?
  • Washroom facilities: This might seem like a very obvious advice on choosing a wedding location. However, sometimes we are so awed by the very appearance of the location, that facilities like this are sidelined. Hence, make sure you look for a clean washroom when you choose a wedding location.
  • Liquor license: Drinks are amongst the main ingredients for a successful wedding party. Check if the alcohol providers have a valid liquor license, you don't want to fall into any trouble later. You can also ask if you are allowed to bring in your own liquor, as that works out much cheaper than the former.
  • Overtime charges and payment schedule: While you are on a hunt to select an appropriate wedding location, discuss the payment details (that includes paying by cash or card), schedule (about the down payment and installments) and other policies regarding the location. Usually the venue authorities allow you to use the location for a specific period of time, make sure you give them an idea about the time you will require, also discuss the overtime charges (in case applicable).
  • Parking area: Considering small things and thinking about the needs of your invitees will make your wedding party all the more successful and guests will surely bless the newly wed graciously. Parking is one such small thing that can really cause a big problem. You want your guests to walk in the venue with a smile on their face and not a grin (if they didn't find the right place to park their vehicle). Check if the wedding location provides you with an ample parking space, if not make arrangements likewise.
  • Room for dancing or playing the band: What is a party without some dancing and singing! When you finalize a wedding location see that they have adequate room for dancing and an elevated platform for a band to play (in case you have a band playing). Also ask them about the provision of music and provide them with the songs you would want them to play during the course.
  • Wedding photography: Most of the time, the photography aspect is not given a serious thought. Wedding photos are going to treasure these wonderful moments forever. Hence, it is important to go in for a venue with ample natural light. Now, if it happens to be an evening wedding, make sure you ask the people in charge to illuminate the venue so as to get sharper wedding photographs or hire a photographer who can capture images even in the low-light conditions.
Remember marriage is an eternal bliss, wherever it might be taking place in the world. Whatever you decide, choose and plan, I wish you the most fabulous and flawless wedding day ever!
Wishing you a very Happy Married Life!
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