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Tips to Help You Plan a Dream Destination Wedding on a Budget

Tips to Plan a Destination Wedding on a Budget
Having a destination wedding is something most couples dream of, but the high expenses attached to it act as a serious dream spoiler. However, a little planning in advance could really help you have the wedding of your dreams. Let's take a look at some important tips that will help plan a destination wedding on a budget.
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Mar 4, 2018
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― Robert Brault
Every girl dreams of what her wedding will be like, since a very young age. It is that moment in your lifetime where all your dreams of love and life culminate. It indeed is a milestone, which needs special celebration. Having a destination wedding seems like the best way of making this moment a memorable one.

The biggest reason why people shy away from hosting destination weddings is because they turn out to be extremely expensive. But isn't every wedding a grand expense? If a wedding ceremony and party is planned a little ahead of time, with some practicality, a destination wedding too can be a possibility within your budget.
How to Plan a Destination Wedding on a Budget
Pick Your Spot
wedding place
A destination wedding can range from a grand one to a simple one. What matters the most is picking a location which fits your budget. Surely, there must be a destination on your mind. If it isn't too expensive, nothing like it. But, if it is overshooting your budget, then you might have to reconsider. If it is a seaside location, you can create the same look for your wedding with decorations and lighting at a cheaper place. Look for relatives and friends who might have places to rent out in other cities, to reduce your wedding expense. It is more important to visualize your wedding, than actually spend time and money on a location, while working with a budget for a wedding.
Keep a Weather Watch
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Weather plays an important role in the rise of the cost of a destination wedding. Hosting a destination wedding during the peak season of that particular destination, such as summer or winter, could really make your affair expensive. Instead, planning a destination wedding during the off-season would be a great idea. Also, if you plan to travel abroad, booking your tickets well in advance could really help you save a lot. You might have to start planning a destination wedding at least a year or so in advance. So, make your guest list in advance, and confirm the number of people actually attending the wedding so that there is absolutely no wastage of material and resources.
Decide the Guests
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In all honesty, how many weddings do you actually remember, unless it is someone really close? Attending weddings, sometimes, is out of compulsion. Surely, there must be a list of people that can be identified as 'not really important'. Remove them from the list, and just send them a post-wedding card. If you are really on a tight budget, invite only those who are the closest to you and who really matter. Make this destination wedding about bonding with closest friends, family, and your would-be-in-laws, instead of a huge gang, which will be too big to handle and remember anyway.
Prioritize Your Expenses
This is a tip, not just for planning your wedding on a budget, but it could also prove to be useful in your day-to-day life. A wedding involves too many expenses. Some of them are unavoidable, while others can be deferred. Thus, prioritize your expenses, and find out which are the important ones, and which can do with cheaper substitutes. Discuss with your fiance and family about the expenses which you will have to bear in any case. For example, a wedding dress can be rented too, and the money saved on making a new one can be used for catering at the wedding party.
Skip Unwanted Wedding Protocols
A wedding involves unnecessary protocols, such as wedding favors, gifting, inviting some people who you haven't seen in years, and car rentals that you may have to pay for. If you really want a destination wedding, then you might have to cut out all these protocols while working on a budget. A huge amount of money can be saved here, and thus, can be allocated to better use for other things at your wedding.
The simplest thing while planning a wedding on a budget is to know the most important things that you would want. For instance, to begin with, the fees of a hairdresser and makeup artist are anyway expensive. Above that, these costs can double if you decide to fly them over to your wedding location. Instead, do your own makeup and hairstyle, or ask a relative or close friend to help you, to reduce this cost. Find such areas which can be handled by you so that you don't have to employ another resource and pay extra. A budget wedding can be absolutely fun, if you prioritize, plan, and prepare well in advance.
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