Tropical Wedding Theme

Tropical weddings are gaining popularity due to their glorious blend of grace, splendor, and natural beauty! A tropical theme is a great way to add that mystical and fresh touch to your wedding day...
Wedessence Staff
An increasing number of couples are choosing tropical paradise destinations to tie the knot for their big day! Tropical wedding themes can vary from Hawaiian, Caribbean, Jamaican, or just beach weddings. Each tropical island has its own unique way of making a wedding special and memorable. However, organizing such a theme wedding calls for quite a bit of planning. Various arrangements have to be made, and numerous details need to be considered.
Wedding Invitations
The wedding invitations need to showcase the theme, and the easiest way to do it would be to have a card with a beach scene. You can also have coconut trees, palms, shells, sand, etc., on your invitation. A message in the bottle would also be a splendid option.
The best part about tropical weddings is that you can use components of nature to create a magical ambiance. Fake palm trees are always available on rent, which can be utilized to decorate the wedding venue. To enhance the tropical look, you can get glorious tiki torches, which are nothing but decorative poles with top fuel reservoirs and wicks. They come in bamboo as well as cane, and simply illuminate the place in a magical manner. For the table centerpieces, you can place small table lanterns with candles illuminating them from the inside. You can also have seashells placed randomly on the tables.
Wedding Flowers
Use the exotic flowers growing on the island in the bouquets, flower arrangements, and centerpieces. Local flowers will not only add that unique touch to your wedding, but will also go easy on the wallet. Some tropical flowers that go well with tropical wedding themes are anthuriums, ginger, proteas, pikake, plumeria, dendrobium orchids, birds of paradise, crown flowers, etc.
Wedding Cakes
The wedding cake is yet another important aspect of the wedding. A tropical-themed wedding cake can be adorned by fresh flowers like orchids, anthuriums, calla lilies, birds of paradise, proteas, etc. Moreover, you can also use edible cake decorations like starfish, shells, palms, etc., to decorate the cake.
Wedding Favors
For favors, you can have goody bags with seashell candies or chocolates, or can even present miniature nautical or flip- flops in lovely gift boxes. 'Message in the bottle' favors, tropical seashell ornaments, palm tree-shaped votive candles, etc., also make great favors.
Well-fed guests are happy guests! Serve cocktails like margaritas, piƱa coladas, fresh fruit juices, smoothies, etc., that will complement the theme beautifully. A variety of seafood and local Hawaiian dishes will make great main courses. For dessert, you can serve citrus tarts, fruit-filled sponge cakes, lemon cookies, etc.
The wedding budget is what finally determines what you include in the wedding arrangements. Always remember, the budget is your focal point, around which the rest of the arrangements revolve, so, work around it.
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