Unconventional Wedding Dresses

Are you bored of coming across the same old wedding dress designs? Opt for an unconventional and unorthodox design for your wedding gown, for the day that will probably be the most important day of your life for you.
Wedessence Staff
The love of your life has just asked you to spend the rest of your life with him. The proposal was perfect; everything that you always wanted. If you are like most women, then your next thought after the initial euphoria dies down, will be to shift gears to start the planning for your wedding. And what is more important to any bride than her wedding dress. Every woman, without exception, wants to look her prettiest on the day she gets married. After all, there are only so many occasions in everyone's life when one gets to be the cynosure of all attention. Which is why it becomes important to opt for a unique wedding dress, one that sets you apart. Unconventional dresses are difficult to find, but the search is definitely not impossible. As long as you know what you are looking for, finding that perfect wedding gown should be a breeze.
Choosing Unique Wedding Dresses
If you want to pick out a nontraditional wedding dress for yourself, then the best way to do that would be to design your own wedding dress, which will allow you to create a wedding dress that is not only unique but also personalized and individualistic. If you are unsure about designing a dress on your own, then there are many other alternatives that you can think about.
Go Ethnic
A great way to play around with wedding dresses and make them unique is to opt for a wedding gown that is styled like a traditional ethnic gown. For example, you could choose to model your wedding gown after a traditional African Buba gown which can look gorgeous, especially when teamed with some ethnic accessories. Another alternative can be to design your wedding dress to resemble a kimono. If you are using this option, give a further Oriental touch to the dress by wearing orchids in your hair, and carrying a fabric fan as an accessory. Other alternatives that many brides are experimenting with are togas and saris.
Color The Day
While most women opt to stay traditional by choosing white as the color for their wedding gown,you could opt for a dress in a different color. Colored wedding dresses can be a welcome change. Opt to wear a gown in the same color as your wedding color. Colors like scarlet, fuchsia, ocean blue, turquoise, etc., are extremely popular and pretty. These colors are rich and work very well for a wedding. Also you will rarely have the problem of comparison with another bride's dress.
Match the Theme
Most brides often forget that one of the best ways to make their dress unique would be to match the theme. With a Renaissance-themed wedding, you can opt to get a wedding gown designed that matches the fashion of the period. If goth is more your style, then there are many Gothic designs that you can opt for. Just remember that while choosing these gowns, you do not go overboard sticking to the theme, by compromising on the comfort. Ensure that you are comfortable in what you wear on your wedding day.
Be prepared for the reaction that comes in the form of shock factor from the guests at your wedding. Most people are conditioned to think that brides are supposed to be dressed a certain way, and seeing brides in a unique, traditionally unseen wedding dresses may not necessarily go down well, especially with people from an older generation. But then remember, this is your day, and well, it is up to you to enjoy it and live it to the fullest, the way you want to.
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