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Unique Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Here are Some Unique Gift Ideas for Your Special Bridesmaids

Choosing a thoughtful and unique gift for your bridesmaids is an excellent way of showing your gratitude and enduring admiration for the role that they play in your wedding. Read on for some unique bridesmaid gift ideas.
Parul Solanki
Last Updated: Jan 22, 2019
Gifts for Bridesmaids
Walking down the aisle is a special moment in any woman's life and through this wonderful day, she relies on her bridesmaids to stand by her side as she takes her vows.
Through the nerves, excitement, and anticipation of the special day, a bride relies on her bridesmaids for everything, from getting organized to assisting in the wardrobe selection and assembling wedding programs.
What better way to thank your maid of honor and the bridesmaids, who have worked so hard to make this special day a spectacular success, than to give them unique gifts. Easier said than done?
Well, figuring out the gifts for the bridesmaids and the maid of honor is not an easy job. While traditional gifts like jewelry and key chains do retain their flavor, brides are increasingly choosing unique and personalized gifts to surprise their bridesmaids.
While choosing a gift, remember that it does not matter how little or how much the gift costs. In fact, there are many unique gifts which are thoughtful and meaningful and easily fit the wedding budget.
However, first things first; before choosing the gift it is up to you to decide if you want to give the same gift to everyone or different gifts to each bridesmaid. While giving the same gift is definitely the easier option, for those wanting to shower different gifts, remember that they should be in the same price range.
Bridesmaid Gift Ideas
Engraved Items
Engraved Items Gift
Most of the bridesmaid gifts can be engraved to make them more personalized and unique.
You can choose to engrave their names, quotes, or even an inside joke! Virtually anything can be engraved upon these days; so choose a luxury stationery, jewelry, champagne glasses, a weekend tote, or a jewelry box, and have the names or initials monogrammed on them.
Sophisticated Gifts
Pearls necklace and silver bracelet
Choosing a classic, traditional gift, like a strand of pearls, a silver bracelet, or an engraved sterling silver picture frame with a picture of both of you, makes an elegant reminder of the special day.
Creative Bridesmaid Gifts
If you do not want to stick to the boring gifts that all bridesmaids seem to accumulate over the years, try to impress the girls with creative and fun gifts like a day in the spa or a ticket to a concert or a sporting event. This is obviously to be done keeping in mind the interests of your bridesmaids and the wedding budget.
Lotions and soap
You can choose to make her a homemade gifts like a photo scrapbook or gift her pampering products like fancy soaps and lotions.
A gift is a token of thanks and a wonderful tradition for showing appreciation to the bridesmaids. It is also customary to present your maid of honor with an extra special wedding gift for pulling off the special day with such elan.
Gold Charm Bracelet
Choose fun and delightful gifts for your junior bridesmaids and flower girls like a flower girl T-shirts, charm bracelets, or glittery clips. As with any other gift, remember that it is the thought that counts, so include an individual message with every gift. It might actually mean more to her than the gift itself.