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Your Guests Will Totally Adore These 5 Unique Save the Date Ideas

Unique Save The Date Ideas
'Save the date' is a custom of notifying your guests about your wedding date, well in advance. These unique ideas will help you make some outstanding save the date cards.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Weddings are joyous occasions which you wish to celebrate with your near and dear ones. Naturally, you take great pains to make your guest list and send the invites. Weddings often involve a lot of customs and traditions which you are expected to follow. There is certain etiquette at every stage of wedding preparations which the bride, groom and their parents have to adhere to. However, save the date, is a custom that emerged only recently, in the 1990s to be precise. As a result, there are no strict rules regarding this custom. Hence, you can take liberty and implement your own unique save the date wedding ideas. The purpose is to notify your guests regarding the date of your wedding, so that they can plan their schedule accordingly.
Unique Save The Date Ideas for Weddings
Summer and Spring Floral Card in Watercolor Style
Save the date cards are not mandatory for every wedding. If most of your guests are likely to come from the town itself and if the month of wedding is such that everyone is likely to have a clear schedule, then you may skip this custom altogether. However, if you decide to get married in a place wherein most of your guests will have to fly down or if the day of your wedding happens to be in a month of holiday, then it would make sense to follow this custom. Do not send the save the date cards too early as your guests might forget about your wedding date, by the time it approaches. Similarly, do not send them just the week before you send the wedding cards as it would defeat the whole purpose of save the date custom. Sending these cards about 4 - 5 months before the wedding date is appropriate, as it would give your guests ample time to make reservations, book tickets, etc. Now, let us see how you can make your cards special.
Mini Calendar
Mini calendar
These save the date cards come in the form of a mini calendar. The month of the wedding is printed on an attractive card with the date of the wedding highlighted or marked. Earlier, save the date cards were simple with day, and date printed along with the names of bride and groom. However, mini calendar is an innovative version of such cards. To personalize your mini calendar, you may print the photo of bride and groom on the background. Mention that the wedding invitation card will follow shortly.
Refrigerator Magnets
Refrigerator magnets
This is a great save the date idea to ensure that your wedding date never leaves the mind of your guests. Save the date cards with a magnet glued at the back can be used as refrigerator magnets. Simple paper cards are likely to be lost amongst the clutter of newspapers and books, but these special cards will stay on the refrigerator of your guest until your wedding. You can make your own refrigerator magnets by printing the card on an inkjet printer and gluing the magnet to it. Magnet sheets can be bought from office supply stores.
Souvenir Cards
Souvenir cards
If you are planning to have a destination wedding, you can consider buying small souvenirs of that place and attaching your save the date card to it. For instance, while getting married in New York, you can get a mini replica of the statue of liberty, or a toy car while getting married in Detroit and tie your save the date cards to these mini replicas. For beach weddings you can buy some plastic sunglasses and glue your save the date cards on them. Other simple way to this can be to just print a nice souvenir card that has your wedding destination's iconic landmark.
Travel-themed Cards
Travel themed card
If most of your guests are likely to fly down from other parts of the country then you can settle for this very innovative idea. Make your save the date cards to resemble a boarding pass or an airline ticket. If you have multiple pages to your card, you might consider making them in the form of a passport.
Ticket-themed Cards
Ticket themed cards
Concert tickets, fair tickets, movie tickets can be used as an inspiration to make save the date cards. These cute little cards are inexpensive and often fun to make.
Save the date card is your first chance to make an impression about your wedding. Hence, make sure your card is in sync with the rest of your wedding.
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