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Unique Wedding Cake Toppers

Unique Wedding Cake Toppers
Unique wedding cake toppers are no longer tier-top show pieces. They are now designed to highlight the creativity of the couple and flaunt their preferences and individual style.
Gaynor Borade
A walk down the aisle and a step into fairyland; this and more is part of the dream of every bride-to-be. The modern bride not only plans her gown and tiara and other accessories. She also looks into adopting a theme for the 'D' day and buying favors that match the decor adopted. The undeniable focus at the reception is the wedding cake. The joy ride, the red carpet entry and the wedding cake are all essential of great memories. The traditional wedding cake has clearly never been replaced and now there are unique wedding cake toppers that add to the grandeur.
The cake toppers available today serve a dual purpose. Not only do they add a touch of glamor and class to the wedding cakes, but they also form the focal point for the theme adopted and wedding favors. These unique wedding indulgence differ in tiers, size and the toppers add to the magic. Today, there are a number of couples and wedding planners who choose it first, and then get down to planning the pattern of the gown and the theme, accordingly. The wedding cakes are usually multi-layered marzipan, decorated elaborately with icing. The cake topper is the decorative addition on the summit of the cake. Previously, the only functionality of the cake toppers was to enhance the appearance of the cake and to add quality to the photographs of the wedding cake.
There are a number of online and offline resources that make such toppers available, 24x7. The traditional couple that stood on the fondant is now replaced with wedding toppers in the form of doves, rings, horse shoes and even leisure indulgences of the bride or groom. Depending on the baker's art, the unique toppers are viewed as the epitome of his skill in the art of cake-baking. Now, there are a number of fun themed unique cake toppers that can be planned out and these could be designed to symbolize anything from a joke shared between the couple to a funny representation of the two.
The unique wedding cake, too, is no more the same today. The traditional rich rum-and-plum cake is replaced by the ice-cream-and-cake combination and fresh-fruit cake varieties. They are also replicated as wedding favors, center pieces, threshold designs and car decorations. The wedding toppers can be bought and customized further and in a way, the exercise enables the bride and groom and family members to enjoy some quality time together, in the attempt. The miniature models that rest atop the wedding cakes are no more formal. They are extensions of the couple and their lifestyle. They are usually stored till the arrival of the firstborn, along with a piece of the topmost tier.
Just as the traditional cakes are replaced by cup cakes and even other dessert goodies, the cake toppers have also become symbolic of contemporary times and tastes. The bride can even design part of the wedding cake and unique wedding cake topper, while the bride groom can attempt the other half. The resultant fusion results in more fun, as the members of each, are served the concoction of the other and the wedding topper ends up either as a marvel or an absolute riot! They are also designed to symbolize common passions shared by the couple and can range from humor to sport. There are many resources that make available wedding toppers complement the cake and the couple. They even allow the couple to customize them and work around a theme adopted by the wedding planner or the couple themselves. The unique wedding cakes and wedding toppers can be designed out of absolutely any abstract idea. The modern bride is more involved in her wedding than any of her predecessors ever were and her creative mind can now find absolute expression on her wedding day!
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