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Unique Wedding Escort Card Ideas You Can't Afford to Miss

Unique Wedding Escort Card Ideas
Instead of doing place cards for each guest, why not have an escort card table at your wedding? Let Wedessence help you find the right display with these unique wedding escort card ideas mentioned here.
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Aug 12, 2017
Escort Cards Vs. Place Cards
For an intimate wedding, use place cards with each guest's name. Escort cards let guests (mostly couples) know which table they are sitting.
After the ceremony ends, the guests head towards the reception venue. Before you and your husband arrive, it is better that everyone finds their tables. Even though place cards can help get the job done, escort cards are much easier to reduce any sort of confusion. With the guest names and table numbers displayed on the cards, you can be sure to enter your own reception with nothing but celebration on your mind.
Elegant Escort Cards
Before you decide what type of escort cards you want for your wedding, figure out whether you're purchasing them in bulk or taking them on as a DIY project. Once you have figured that out, you can easily finalize a concept that goes with your wedding theme and colors.
Thanksgiving themed escort card
These escort cards are inspired from the holidays, Thanksgiving specifically. You can place appropriate stickers on the cards to match the theme.
White heart and ribbons escort card
These bronze bells along with a white ribbon and paper heart cutout is just amazing. Arrange them on a wooden board to work its graceful charm.
Seashell escort cards
The shell escort cards are perfect for a wedding by the ocean. Place individual wooden boxes for each table with the guests' names in different sections. They can pull out their cards, and find their respective tables.
Wooden hearts escort cards
These heart-shaped escort cards are made of thin sheets of wood with the guests' names ingrained on it. Place the cards on top of a bed of bamboos to show off your amazing style.
Get wooden stands that can hold the heart-shaped cards. Trust me, these cards are going to be a hit at your reception.
Heart shaped chalkboard escort cards
Rustic and chic, these mini heart-shaped chalkboard cards can be made at home. Write down your guests' names with colorful chalk pens, and hang them on a hemp string.
fabric and cardboard escort card
By using a decorative fabric piece, you can place individual escort cards hanging on a colorful string and wooden clothespins. Write the names on a cardboard cutout, and display the cards for the guests.
Hanging paper escort cards
If you wish to add a bit more color to your escort cards, try using different colors for the cards as well as clothespins. These cards work really well for garden weddings.
Escort card holders
For a simple yet beautiful display, try placing the cards in card holders. Place them in perfect single file rows at the entrance for your guests to find.
popcorn escort card
What a wonderful and quirky display this will be! You can have the popcorn made fresh on the day of the wedding, or prepare them a day in advance. While the guests find their tables, they'll have a big box of popcorn to munch on.
Wine corks escort cards
You can make an online purchase of corks, depending on the type of display you wish to set up and the number of corks you'll require. Write down the guests' names on the cards and place them on the arranged corks.
Colorful heart escort cards
Here's another way of using hearts and clothespins. With this combination, you can come up with so many different ideas. Use a cardboard to stick all the escort cards on.
Red hanging hearts escort cards
This cozy display works amazingly well for intimate weddings. By hanging these origami heart-shaped cards, it brings the display to life. You can have different wooden shelves for each table or one big shelf to place all the cards.
Cardboard hearts escort cards on clothespin
The combination of heart-shaped escort cards and clothespins is endless. Here, as you can see, the cards have been transformed into gorgeous keepsake items for the guests. This makes a wonderful way for the guests to remember the wedding.
Yellow rose and yellow escort card
Yellow rose and cardboard escort card
For each guest, place a fresh, vibrant rose along with their names. Make sure to pick the same colors as your wedding theme to keep the display intact.
Heart shaped cutout escort cards
Tie a heart-shaped cardboard cutout with the escort cards. Other than placing a rose next to each card, you can even place candles, bells, and other decorative items.
Blue escort cards
Last, but certainly not the least, opt for a gorgeous display of a blue heart clipped to a cardboard paper. With floral arrangements on the table, you can sure make the display a thing to talk about.
As you can see, there are tons of fun ways to display the escort cards. Add your own creativity to any of the suggestions mentioned above, and set a magical tone for the evening.