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Unique Wedding Reception Ideas That Will Blow You Away

Sayali Bedekar Patil Sep 29, 2018
Getting the perfect wedding is easier than having the perfect wedding reception, as they often come second to weddings, in budget as well as planning. Have an equally perfect reception with unique, dazzling and ethereal ideas, enough to keep everyone wondering on your budget.
Unique wedding reception ideas can be applied, if you let your creativity go loose and open to experiment and encompass everything.
If your theme is unique, will you be able to incorporate unique invitations, decor, centerpieces and decorations. For the perfect idea, combine all the sections.

Parameters to Consider

Location: Location of the event will vary with the reception theme. Some unique locations are beaches, cornfields, barns, ranches, sports venues, etc.
Your reception location could also be a historical place, a large mansion, a country club or park, or just a traditional church as well.
Music: Music adds flavor to the ambiance. The first dance should have good lyrics. One can include a father-daughter dance and a dinner time jazz piece to retain the uniqueness of the occasion. A band or DJ can spice up things at your event.
Presentation: Floral arrangements and centerpieces, will vary according to theme. So, will the table planning and seating arrangement. The reception invites and the dress code will add an essence to the event. One can keep a guest book, to keep up with the novelty of the occasion.
Lights: One can make use of technology like colored lights, stencil lighting and LED lights to brighten up the reception. Spotlights can be used to highlight things like the cake, etc. Candles and floating lights can make the event look magical and ethereal.
Food: Gourmet finger foods are less expensive than full meals, and still manage to keep the event formal and classy. Deli trays can offer good variety. The reception theme should be the backdrop for the selection of any menu.
Decorations: Innovative decorations add to the event's uniqueness. One can use shapely balloons, shaped like hearts, stars or swans to decorate the arches, as these are also easy on the budget.
Creating the right mood and scene to highlight the reception theme, can be achieved with the aid of the right kind of decoration. Don't forget the flowers, they are a necessity.

Wedding Reception Theme Ideas

After selecting a broad wedding reception theme, even if it is quite clichéd, it is easy to incorporate unique addition ideas to make the overall affair distinctive. The following wedding themes are just an idea and one can go beyond them to come up with something interesting and unparalleled.

Fairytale Themes

The 'Alice in Wonderland' theme was successfully utilized in the recent celebrity wedding of Ashley Simpson and Pete Wentz. It was perfectly complemented by the decor, the location and the planning. For those who want to get a little more unique than that, themes like Rapunzel and Thumbelina can be tried.
If one wishes to go for a chapter from these classics, one can try the tea party theme, portraying Alice's tea episode, with the Red and White Queens. Tea party themes can be completed with English garden locations and dainty tea sets with silver filigree. The meals can consist of cucumber and cheese sandwiches, and other finger foods.

Go Green with Nature

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller also incorporated green color in their wedding reception theme. Everything, from the table settings to the menus, from the decorations to the costumes, highlighted the nature theme. One can incorporate this idea in their reception, in the forms of eco-friendly, earthy and elemental themes (earth, fire, wind and water).
Obviously, the location and décor should complement the theme. For example, the picture shown can be the table layout for the earth theme. One can easily deviate into African themes, flora and fauna themes, etc. as well.

The Three Worlds

Use the heaven, hell and earth themes to get wicked with your imaginative planning. Beyonce Knowles and Jay Z implemented the heaven theme to good perfection, complete with white dress codes and orchid arrangements.
If heaven is too sweet for you, try the 'hot and spicy' hell theme. Don't shy away from the tails and horn, after all, what's hell without the entire works. Give the location and decor a sizzling, hot, red look. Blood red roses can also be used for good effect.

Destination Paradise

Bring in Hawaii or Mauritius, inside your reception venue. The look has got to be exotic, but before bringing in the exotic dancers, spare a thought for the distracted groom. Bring on all the bright, wild flowers, loud colors for the decor and maintain a dress code.
Try coconut shell centerpieces, lined with seashells and orchids. Floating candles in water filled bowls can spice up the occasion when the event is scheduled late in the evening or night. The doorkeepers can be asked to greet everyone with an 'Aloha' to give the final touches to the grand occasion.

Cultural Heritage

Try the Irish, Spanish or Italian cultures. They sure add to the fun of your reception. For example, while aiming for the Tuscan way of life, get muted yellow lights to create that perfect ambiance. The live band can play 'Italiano' music and the decor should generally be centered around daisies and other fresh flowers.
What's Italian without a pizza. Mini pizzas can be perfect finger foods for the occasion. Try for a cobbled location to get the feel of the place right.

Get Personal

If you have a large family, get personal with your theme. Decorate the venue with pictures of past family weddings. Try different effects like black and white, sepia and colored in alternation. Get personal with the table settings and other decorations as well. Try anything you like, you can have seashells, mini lanterns, homemade potpourri, candles, etc.
Get innovative with goldfish bowls, potted plants, pine cones and acorns. There's no cap on your imagination and it is your creativity that gets this theme into the list.

Seasonal Mood Swings

Winter wedding? Bring on the ice sculptures and the light fur tapestries. Summer wedding, huh? Well, you can have innumerable ideas playing around with the flora.
Get creative with straw and silk. The menu can consist of seasonal fruit recipes and the decor can be fresh, bright, sunny and airy. One can also take seasonal festival themes, like Valentines and Christmas. The decor and planning will differ with the themed event in question.
The wedding reception is an opportunity for the bride and groom to mingle and thank the people who have come and witnessed their marriage. It is organized for showing gratitude towards all those that have participated in the joy and celebration of the happy couple. Remember these ideas, while organizing your wedding reception to make it a big success.