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Unusual Wedding Cakes

A wedding cake is an integral part of any wedding ceremony. You can make some unusual wedding cakes with some wonderful toppings and icing for your very special day.
Reshma Jirage Feb 8, 2019
Most wedding cakes have three or more tiers and they are beautifully detailed with some attractive icings and toppings.
Some of the traditional toppings include the small models of dolls that look like the groom and the bride, as well as the gold rings, doves, glass models of dolphins, flowers, and fruits.
The traditional white cake is still popular. However, many couples prefer different cakes for their special day.
Wedding cakes can be made with the shapes of buildings, wrapped presents, flowers, trees buildings, animals, people or any structure and shape. They reflect the wedding theme as well as personality of the couple.
Some cakes reflect a family tradition or a piece of family history. Special interests, activities, and hobbies can be conveyed through the wedding cake decorations.
Some brides prefer to decorate the cake to look like their wedding gown. Along with traditional ivory and white colors, they can be decorated with vibrant toppings. Color can add a fanciful look, texture, drama and interest to the cake. You can use any flavor for the cake, ranging from white to chocolate, red velvet to carrot, pumpkin to cheesecake.

Wedding Cake Ideas

You can make fantastic wedding cakes using your imagination and creativity. You can make the wedding cake in the form of model of any world-famous building or landmark, e.g. the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty.
You can have a square cake with two swans swimming in a pond on the top of the cake. The box wedding cake is another unique idea - a three-layered cake with every layer decorated like a different present, sealed with the bows.
A Chinese wedding cake is a three-layered red cake, adorned with the most intricate details and flowers.
Another unique type of wedding cake is a Phantom of the Opera wedding cake. It is a single-layered cake, decorated with red, black, and white colors. A white mask is placed on the top of the black icing and red icing cloth is draped over it.
You can decorate the wedding cake in the form of a castle featuring the bride and the groom as the Prince and the Princess.
A donut cake is another unusual cake alternative.
It involves a collection of donuts of a single flavor or a variety of flavors. All the donuts are individually frosted and arranged in a festive manner to represent a cake.

Wedding Cake Themes

You can decorate the exceptional wedding cakes according to the wedding theme. A theme wedding can give you a great choice for a number of creative ideas.
● For a medieval theme wedding, a cake with a golden crown, laced with peals is a perfect one.
● A cake topped with the miniature figurines of the newlyweds on a motorcycle or a small plane suits to the wedding ceremony of an adventure-loving couple.
● For a Victorian theme wedding, a cake can be adorned with the roses and bows.
● If you have chosen an Oriental-themed wedding, then you can make a cake with two tiers topped with a vase filling with the edible handmade orchid.
● For a flower-themed wedding, you can decorate the cake with your favorite flowers including bird-of-paradise, pansy, sunflower or rose.
● For the seasonal themes, a cake can be decorated with grape leaves.
Grapes and chrysanthemums to represent the fall season. For the summer-themed wedding, a cake can be detailed with white daisies and bows.