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Vampire Wedding Gowns

Vampire Wedding Gowns

All brides face the same tension, when it comes to their wedding day.. "is the gown perfect?" While traditional and modern wedding gowns are always a fun topic to haggle over, what's a vampire bride to do? Whether you are scouting for Halloween ideas or deciding to get married with an undead twist, below are some gowns to do any vampiress proud.
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Amongst all the creatures of the undead world, the zombies, the werewolves etc. one of the most powerful beings and easily the most stylish are the vampires. Vampires are the elite, the immortal and the smart ones with a carefully constructed aristocratic society and set of rules to be governed by. And their style factor is unchallenged, with vampire costumes and dress styles for women and men, ranking amongst the classiest and most beautiful items to wear. In this article, learn about the design and accessories that makeup vampire wedding dresses, to understand what quintessential bridal wear of the vampire bride is made of.

Patterns & Colors for a Vampire Wedding Gown

Typical designs and patterns of wedding gowns for vampires include:

Long flowing A-line skirt with asymmetrical laced hemline, poured over a body of satin, colored in a contrasting shade is one pattern type. Sleeves can be ruched with a babydoll bodice. This pattern makes for an incredibly beautiful and delicate gown, using lace which is synonymous with femininity. The contrasting shade of satin serves to highlight the intricate detailing of the lace.

Two possible lace and satin combinations that can be used for such a pattern are:
  • For a demur and daisy-like look, combine ivory lace can be placed over white or powder pink satin
  • For a bold eye-catching look, pair black spider lace over rose-red satin. This adds a very Latin or flamenco touch to the gown. Amongst the various blacks and whites, this gown and coloring are sure to stand out.
Another pattern type is using a corset for a bodice, worn over a tight mermaid skirt. The corset's shoe laced front accentuates a narrow waistline and would provide a voluptuous appearance on the whole. Keep in mind, that the corset wedding gown is a very vintage or 18th century look and as such, cannot be carried off by everybody. It must be fastened very tightly and properly or it will ruin the shape of the gown. Corset styled gowns are also very uncomfortable, there is barely any room in the dress for one to breathe. So, this is one of those "no pain no gain" vampire wedding gowns.

A robe styled gown with a high point collar, usually a signature style with vampire gents, fastened by a single gold gilded rope. This is a very regal pattern and only the right fabric like velvet and an expensive braid, can bring this pattern to life. This pattern does not have the "oomph" factor, but those looking for a mature and classy vampire gown, suited for the "queen bee" amongst the vampire clan, should opt for this dress pattern.

A modern vampire wedding gown would be a peasant style blouse, gathered at the waist, flowing into a short thigh length skirt, with a shredded hemline. This gown must be worn over black fishnet stockings and red ballet shoes. For those who follow the mantra of "if you got it, you got to flaunt it", this is THE gown.


First and most important part of any bridal trousseau is the veil. While normal veil colors are white or off-white, for a vampire wedding, veil colors are predominantly dark and gothic, giving an element of mystery to the face it covers. Be innovative, put a dark twist on traditional veil ides. For example, a tiara of thorns instead of the traditional diamond tiara, or how about a coiled serpent with a jewel held in its fangs as a tiara? You could also use a wreath of black roses, plain thorns or poison ivy from which a sheath of black lace or dark organza covers the bride's face.

It is customary at a wedding to have lots of flowers and to celebrate a wedding between two members of the undead, what can be more fitting than dead flowers? A wreath of wilted red roses or the hybrid black variety is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Or how about a bouquet of mixed dead or dried flowers or just stems, empty stems with thorns and no blooms? Bouquet ideas for such an occasion are more varied than one would think. The key is to keep things in perspective, i.e. dead objects should be used. A very different but very gross idea is to have a bouquet of rotting objects, with fresh, squirming maggots in them.

The happiest day in a woman's life, whether she's the undead or alive, is her wedding day. On choosing the right one amongst various vampire wedding dresses, the undead bride is all set for the perfect wedding. So, keep the gown simple Goth or modern and daring but don't forget to keep it classy!
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