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Vintage Inspired Wedding Dresses

Vintage is inspiring... Even more when it comes to fashion! Imagine the beauty of vintage inspired wedding dresses amongst the innumerable other options that you could pick from on one of the most important days of your life... Check out more on the same, in what follows...
Wedessence Staff
The wedding day is quite possibly one of the biggest, most important, and best days in most girls' lives. With every attempt to make it perfect, how can she miss out on herself, especially on a day that is meant to be hers. But the one big thing that just cannot go wrong after all the perfect preparations is the wedding dress which should be nothing short of divine! So, if divine is what we're aiming at, what's better than a vintage style wedding dress? I'm guessing, not much! So how about we take a look at a few different styles... Short, long, and maybe even affordable wedding dresses. Let's move on then...
Vintage Wedding Dresses
Vintage if worn the right way can help achieve an array of looks. Right from traditional and conservative, to contemporary and chic, it can work well with it all. A little help with the right jewelry, and possibly the right kind of makeup, and a bride could look like a vision in white in a vintage inspired wedding dress. See what all there is to choose from when working with this timeless look.
Short Wedding Dresses
Who ever said, vintage meant endlessly long dresses? There are absolutely no hard and fast rules when it comes to vintage wedding dresses. In fact, the short look works really well in combination with the classic touch. Lace, taffeta, ruffles, bows, classic cuts, delicate detailing... There's so much to pick from.
Did you know that it was Coco Chanel who introduced the concept of short wedding dresses in the 1920s, and once it was done, it was done! Brides took to the concept so well, that there was no turning back. Except for the slight lull in the 1930s, this trend was here to stay. If you give it some serious thought, a short wedding dress screams practicality! You can dance your heart out, and it can be modified and worn again!! (What can I say, I feel inspired by 27 Dresses). Whether you choose to work with something fitted, or something with more body is entirely your decision, because no matter what you pick, it'll look good either way.
Imagine a classic fitted dress made entirely of satin and an overlay of some vintage looking lace. Get it in a length that hits just a little above the knee and complete your look with some really classy shoes, and you're good to go with this style. Another option could be something more out there... While the first option was a more elegant look, the second is about going all out and girly!! A snug bodice with a high waist made of lots of delicate details along with the lower half resembling a skirt with a lot of volume, this portion of the dress could be done with heavily bodied fabrics like taffeta (not everybody's thing!) or perhaps even organza. As long as you know how to work it, this dress will look perfect.
What makes it better is, if you are going ahead with a summer wedding, or maybe even choosing to have a beach wedding, a short dress will just be so convenient and make so much sense.
Full Length Wedding Dresses
Contrary to the short wedding dress is the ever popular full length wedding dress. With a variety of options to choose from, there is no way you could go wrong with long and vintage. I know that a lot of ladies are partial to the longer dresses, and I think it's well within reason. The best part is, any kind of work done on a short dress can be used on a long one too, and there's a lot beyond that too.
An empire waist gown can work wonders for women with the perfect figure. A popular style from the 40s and 50s, you could mix styles, and play with bits of old and new in the same dress. For a trendy touch, you could get something with embellishment right at the empire line, or if heavy accessorizing isn't your deal, leave it plain and simple with nothing more than a satin sash. An elegant white or ivory gown with a basic black satin band, or maybe even teal for a change, could work very well.
If you don't care so much about the above mentioned style, you could ditch it for something with a slim silhouette, or jazz it with the mermaid cut in a rich fabric instead. In case of simpler designs, it is always the fabric that plays a bigger role, so as to make the dress look more alluring. An A-line gown is an almost foolproof option too. A dropped waist with embroidery on the lower half could be so charming, it could make heads turn. Another option is keeping the dress simple, but going big on the accessories. You decide!
I know that a wedding dress could get expensive for some, for affordable options, look online, check out discounts being offered, or even get it stitched from the best seamstress you know. Believe me, it'll be so much more affordable if you do it that way. Apart from that, irrespective of the style / pattern / design you choose, make sure you indulge in some full bodied fabric, mainly because a wedding dress should stand out like no one else's. Team it with a look to die for, and work it with confidence, and you'll leave people envious for days to come, that's a promise! ;)
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