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Visiting Italy for the Perfect Engagement

Kevin Gardner Aug 31, 2019
A visit to Italy, to have a perfect engagement is a great plan one can make. This city, with its air full of love, is the perfect and one of the most romantic destination for getting engaged to your loved one.

Ancient Roman Ring Tradition

Thinking of popping the question to a special lady but struggling to find the right ring? I'll take you back to Ancient Roman culture that begins with Italy's engagement traditions. What's not to love about Italy?
The actual tradition of brides wearing an engagement ring starts with ancient Roman wedding culture. Unfortunately, it had nothing to do with fashion or love. The groom would give a ring to his soon to be wife in a public manner, which showed a contract between two families.
Sounds romantic, right? The ring symbolized a deal, which is why most rings were undecorated rings of iron, which bound the woman to the man forever. The good news is, we have evolved from the concept, but the Romans did have a good idea. Engagement rings symbolize couple's commitment to each other. And what better place for a wedding than Italy?

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

One thing the past and present cultures have in common is that both love diamonds. They believed diamonds to have romantic powers. Italy is the perfect place for an engagement ring. It has an air of romance with finest Italian jewelry manufacturers that embrace the beauty of diamonds to help you to buy an engagement ring.
You can even have an Italian wedding with customs that will capture the special bond between you and your fiance. Modern Italian engagement rings have various styles for a diamond ring. Wedding rings can now complement each other by having a single diamond stone for the groom and a circle of diamonds for the bride.

Fun in Florence

Picking out the right ring isn't the only thing to think about. Have her shine bright like a diamond against the stunning view of Florence. The best location in Florence will make a great backdrop for engagement pictures. It has history and charm and looks lovely in autumn with leaves of beautiful shades of red.
A photoshoot in Italy is a once in a lifetime experience. There are many places to capture. Duomo, located in the center of Florence, is a great place to take photos because of the beautiful architectures. Walk along the oldest bridge in Florence which overlooks the city, pair it with a sunset and it will take your breath away!
For a panoramic view of Florence, you might want to check out Piazzale Michelangelo. The best time for pictures is early morning or sunset. The view of the whole city along with the sunset will make stunning engagement photos. The beauty of Florence is sure to bring out the sparkle in her diamond ring, and put a sparkle in your eyes.

A Fabulous Honeymoon

The best place to have a honeymoon is in the most exclusive resorts in Italy. There are old restored villas that have beautiful gardens that will make a great place for a photo or even a picnic. Come to Italy and have the wedding of your dreams!