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Wedding Aisle Decoration Ideas

Mayuri Kulkarni Oct 8, 2018
To have a memorable wedding day, it is necessary to decorate the aisle in a splendid way. Read on to know some easy and simple ideas for wedding aisle decoration.
One of the most special moments in a wedding is when the bride walks down the aisle. She is the center of attention. She walks down holding the hand of her beloved father and finds no words to express how much she loves him. And there is the groom watching her beauty and eagerly waiting for her to bond together for a lifetime.
Wondering what this has to do with the decoration of the aisle? Well, after all it is the decoration that adds to the mood of the wedding and makes it unforgettable. And since walking down the aisle is such a precious moment, you need to decorate it in a unique way to make that moment worth-remembering for a lifetime.Take a look at some ideas for the same.

Considerations for Aisle Decorations

If you have a church wedding, you need to keep some considerations in mind. Before you actually start decorating, ask the priest about the terms and conditions for decorating the church.
There may be certain limitations or rules set by the church regarding wedding decorations. Since it is a place of worship, the church may limit the use of certain flowers or decorative materials. So, contact the priest well in advance for the same.
Take a look at the wedding area and come up with an aisle decoration that complements other elements. It should blend well with the shape and size of the chairs or pews, and the bride's gown. If you have a low budget, make use of materials that give a simple yet elegant look. Do not overdo the decoration and see that the aisle has a pleasant view.


There are innumerable ideas for decorating the wedding aisle, like you can simply scatter some rose petals on the aisle runner or go for some personalized decoration. Usually the flower girls scatter the petals across the aisle. These petals can be scattered all over the runner or just across its sides.
Choose a traditional white-colored runner or any color that goes well with the overall decor of the venue. You may choose a runner with solid colors or floral patterns. Ensure that its texture and pattern suits the overall decor.
Make use of exotic flowers and bows to decorate the pews or chairs. If it's a garden wedding, you can have columns topped with bunch of beautiful flowers, placed at appropriate intervals beside the runner.
You can also place flower pots beside every aisle seat. Kissing balls are perfect decorative materials for aisle decoration, and they can be easily hanged on the edges of pews or chairs.
To create a festive atmosphere you can make use of colorful ribbons and candles. Decorate the aisle depending on the theme. If you have a beach wedding, decorate it with shells, or if you have a fall one, make use of pumpkins to line the runner.
So, these were some easy to implement decoration ideas for the wedding aisle. Use any of the ideas given here or come up with an innovative idea of your own. Good Luck!