Wedding Arch Alternatives

The first thing that comes to your mind when someone mentions an outdoor wedding is the wedding arch. But if you don't want to go the traditional way, read the following Wedessence article.
Wedessence Staff
Whether they are held on the beach or any open surrounding, arches are always a specialty of outdoor weddings. However, they are not always meant to be built with wood or PVC and then decorated with flowers and decorations. They can be as simple and natural as you can think, all you have to be is a little creative. You can do so by creating an arch where a simple ribbon is tied, or by twisting a branch and adding some elements of color and decoration to it. There are many other ways of giving your beautiful outdoor wedding a touch of nature to it. So take a look and pick your favorites!
Wedding Canopies
Here, the arch is semicircular with a dome-shaped construction. This is usually made with wood or PVC pipes, that are flexible and can be bent. However, a canopy is a beautiful structure which can be made with absolutely any material giving the wedding a festive look.
Since it is a simple structure, that comprises 4 pillars with a sloping or flat roof, they can be decorated in any desired manner and with any types of decorations such as flowers, balloons, ribbons, lights, garlands, etc. One of the greatest advantages of having canopies instead of arches is that there is enough space for the priest as well as the couple to stand.
Built Pillar Structures
If you are having a traditional wedding, there are various types of structures such as pagodas which can be used. They are Asian structures/open rooms with a sloping roof and thick pillars. They look slightly like gazebos (which are also awesome alternatives for outdoor wedding arches), but with an Asian touch. They are usually used for worshiping purposes but a replica of them can be incorporated as an option for your wedding arch!
This idea can be included if your wedding has a theme or if you are going to decorate only this solitary structure with heavy decorations. Similar to these pagodas, there are pergolas which are on a slightly more Victorian side, as they are metal constructions for the garden. They use four metal pillars with decorative designs made on them by molding metal, and can have live plants growing on them. A white pergola decorated with flowering climbers or vines growing on them. Or they can be decorated with other elements such as drapes, tulle, laced curtains, and lights.
Natural Arches
An outdoor wedding is the best opportunity to have a celebration which is extremely close to nature. Unlike a church or a chapel, there is no altar for the minister and couple to stand before. Therefore to create one, people make wedding arches using various ideas. These arches can be replaced by natural and basic things such as branches of trees held together, bent over, and tied to make the arch. You can then use decorating material like flowers, ribbons, etc. to make them look beautiful.
Using palm tree branches is the easiest way to do this as they are flexible and look fresh. You can also collect dried twigs and branches which have a strong stem and then make an arch from them. This will also provide you with adequate support for using flowers as decorations and will give the wedding a rustic and natural look. For a Christmas wedding, you can use pine branches to make the arch, cover them with twinkle lights or lanterns, and hang some beautiful floral or paper pomanders. These tips definitely work as they can be brilliantly designed and color coordinated.
There you go, choose the idea you like and make your dream wedding a reality so that your memories are cherished by all.
Built Pillar Structure