Wedding Arch Decoration Ideas

Arches form an integral part of wedding ceremonies. You need some good ideas for their decoration, to give an elegant look to the function.
Wedessence Staff
Many brides prefer to have an arch for their ceremony. It lends an aura of grace and beauty to the venue, and there are many ways of decorating it. From the simple to the ornate, there are many different ideas for wedding arch decoration designs.
If you are having a beach wedding or an outdoor one in the garden, a finely decorated arch is necessary to add a bit of flair and finesse. Such decoration can be done, keeping in mind the season, and/or theme of the wedding.
The most basic of wedding arches can be purchased from any hobby center or craft store. They are generally made of metal or wood. You can even construct a wooden arch at home. Once you have it ready, you have to decide on how you want to decorate it.
Exotic Flowers
Exotic Flower arch
The most popular and common option is to decorate it with wedding flowers. A floral arch is just the right choice for an outdoor wedding in the spring or fall. You can combine flowers like calla lilies, daisies, gereberas, tulips, and roses, with green leaves. This type of arch needs a lot of flowers to make it look substantial and decorative, so it might be a bit on the expensive side. For a fall wedding, you can use peach, yellow, and orange-colored flowers to decorate the arch. If you prefer an all-white floral arch, your best bet would be to use sweet peas, petunias, white roses, baby's breath, white gladiolus, lily of the valley, and white orchids. You can combine these flowers with ivy, as they are natural creepers, and would make your wedding arch look elegant and beautiful.
Silk Flowers
Silk Flower arch
If you are planning a wedding on a budget, fret not! Silk flowers are an inexpensive solution for you. Use these with tulle, to create beautiful hanging arches. Silk wedding flowers can be bought online in bulk, at discounted prices. These are reusable too. You can also enlist the help of your friend, and ask her to make unique silk flowers as your wedding present. Make a beautiful bouquet of silk flowers in different colors, and attach it to the top of the arch. Two more similar arrangements can be attached near the base on each side, for symmetry. This will just make it look simple and sweet.
Balloons arch
Looking for something more casual? Why not opt for a balloon wedding arch? A wrought iron arch can instantly be transformed into something that is whimsical and playful, by using colorful balloons. If you want to know all you have to do is attach balloons of a single size to the arch with micro filament. Make sure that you do this on the day of the ceremony, or the balloons will deflate.
Natural Elements
Natural Elements arch
Another good idea is to have a natural wedding arch, made by bending two tall hedges. The hedges can be held in place by wrapping with tulle or ribbons. Want another natural, garden wedding decoration idea? Make an arch by tying together palm leaves with twine, and bending it to create an arch.
Outdoor as well as indoor arches should be ideally decorated on the day of the wedding. Now that you have great ideas for them, you too can create a beautiful wedding arch on a budget.