Ideas for Wedding Balloon Decoration

Stephen Rampur Nov 20, 2018
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Balloon decorations truly give an elegant touch to a wedding venue. Read here about the numerous ways of decorating the venue with balloons.
Balloons are one of the most commonly used materials to decorate a venue. These come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. Moreover, these are inexpensive and easy to dispose. If you are planning to use them for a wedding, you need to take the wedding theme into consideration.


Balloons can be used to decorate the walkway at a church. You can tie them to the church benches. Inflate them using helium so that they remain afloat in the air. Use long ribbons to keep them in place.
Bunches of colorful balloons on long ribbons can be tied to the stakes in the grass, or to the base of a bulky ornate flower pot with silk blooms. In case of an evening wedding, it is a good option to tie them to small solar garden lights on the ground for enlivening the ambiance.


You can easily get hold of a ready-made arch, and secure the balloons with a string or an adhesive.
You may even use a combination of two or more colors and shapes. The arch can be placed on the rear of the head table at the reception, or around the area where the couple would be standing for the ceremonial rites. For this type of arch, using helium-inflated balloons might be a better choice.


Balloon bouquets are used to create exquisite wedding centerpieces for adorning the tables at a wedding venue. You can use ribbons for tying a bunch of balloons together and securing them to a weight, simply, made by wrapping a heavy object with a glistening mylar.
There are numerous ways in which you can create and customize balloon decorations. These colorful arches, columns, centerpieces, sculptures, and bouquets can certainly enhance the ambiance.