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Wedding Cake Decorations

Stunning and Innovative Ideas for Wedding Cake Decorations

Wedding cake decorations add a touch of beauty and elegance to your wedding cakes. Continue reading to know how you can decorate your wedding cake with unique cake decorations mentioned below!
Parul Solanki
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
One of the most beautiful parts of any wedding is when the bride and the groom cut and share the wedding cake, symbolizing the promise of a happy wedded life together. In fact, wedding cakes with all its lip-smacking cream is the cynosure of all eyes at any wedding reception. It is, therefore, imperative that the cake be decorated tastefully. The decorations should not only make the cake look beautiful, but also complement the wedding theme and colors. They should also serve as an expression of the couple's personalities and style.

Most cake makers and decorators are happy to incorporate your personal ideas into the cake styles for ensuring that it fits with the wedding theme and your style. So when you go to a cake baker, you'll be faced with deciding what type of cake decor you want. Given below are some of the popular wedding cake decoration ideas that you can incorporate for your cake.
Wedding Cake Icing
Wedding cake decorations are works of art, which are filled with intricate designs and constructed from numerous cake layers. From the meticulous sugar flowers to the fondant lace and swags, these decorations are integral for the beautification of your cake.
Fondant Decorations
Whenever you think of decorating a wedding cake, you inevitably choose fondant decoration. If you have gone though bridal magazines and come across some wedding cakes with exotic flowers and wild shapes in a range of different colors, they are most likely created with fondant. Made from gelatin and corn syrup, fondant can give wedding cakes a look that is both stiff and silky smooth. The best part is it does not melt even in the hot outdoor summer weddings.
Buttercream Decorations
The classic wedding cake decorations are made of buttercream which lend a soft and creamy look to your wedding cakes. Although it is considerably less expensive and easy to work with, it is not suitable for an outdoor wedding as it can easily melt in warm temperatures.
Chocolate Ganache Decorations
Made from a mixture of heavy cream and chocolate, chocolate ganache is the richest wedding cake d├ęcor option for chocoholic brides and grooms! It lends a modern and sleek look to the wedding cakes and are best suited for fall and winter weddings, due to its tendency to melt.
Marzipan Decorations
Marzipan is another popular way of cake decorations, as it can be formed into realistic shapes and be used to decorate the wedding cake with fruit or flower shapes like pears, berries, apples, oranges, small blossoms, and roses. Made from sugar and ground almonds, it has a distinct smooth and sweet almond flavor.
Wedding Cake Accessories
Wedding Cake Toppers
There are loads of unique wedding cake toppers, from comical and outrageous to sophisticated and traditional. These inedible works of art can be made from your photographs, to not only resemble you, but capture your uniqueness as a couple. It can reflect your humor, hobbies, interests, career, etc. You can choose a quirky runaway bride figurine which shows the groom standing on the back of the brides dress as she tries to get away! Believe me, they are great for a few raised eyebrows and smiles on the big day! You can also select a traditional figurine, which will be a definite keepsake of your wedding day.
Wedding Cake Flowers
From daisies to roses, dahlias to hydrangeas, and everything in-between, wedding cake flowers can create a formal or a casual feel. Brides can go for fresh flowers that go with their bouquets or choose edible flowers that can be used, and crystallized, to decorate a wedding cake. Just be sure to pick colors and varieties that complement the rest of the wedding, and also provide an expression of the personalities of you as a couple.
Other Accessories
In addition to this, there are many non-edible cake decorations which include crystal-laden toppers made in the shape of the bride and groom's initials, silk flower arrangements, and handcrafted pearls. You can also consider having a bowl of floating candles on each side of the cake; the light reflecting on the water will add a beautiful touch to your wedding cakes.
Use your own imagination to fashion your wedding cake to match your taste as a couple. After all, it is the first experience you have as husband and wife to serve one another and to tangibly express your commitment to share your life.
Wedding cake with pink flowers
Wedding figurine of bride and groom on the beach
Chocolate Cake