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Wedding Candy Bags

Wedding Candy Bags
Wedding candy bags are meant to be pretty, period! In this article, we'll give you some ideas on how you can assemble your own candy bags and save up on a lot of money during your wedding.
Sujata Iyer
Everything about a wedding is beautiful. Whether it's the flowers and the dresses of the bridesmaids, or the napkins and the color of the decor, all hues are in perfect harmony, making the entire venue look like something out of a fairy tale. If there's one more thing that could add to the prettiness of the wedding, it's that table that's loaded with all the wedding candy! It is a common phenomenon to see candy buffets at a lot of weddings. While some couples may simply place the candies in bowls on the table for people to enjoy at the wedding itself, you can always have some pretty candy bags that your guests (and their kids) can stuff with candies and take home with them. And since everything else is color coordinated, it only makes sense to have some really nice candy bags that complement the overall decor of the wedding. You'll find some ideas to do that, in this Wedessence article.
Design Your Own Candy Bags
The idea behind designing your own wedding candy bag is quite simple. It helps you to make them as personal as you want, plus, you do save up on a lot of money. Store bought ones are definitely the easy way out, but unfortunately, they're also the more expensive way out. So, just use the simple ideas that have been enlisted below to make some innovative bags for your wedding.
If you want to go for the simplest form of candy bags, you can opt for tiny paper bags. Pick out the paper that you want, according to the color scheme of the wedding. Now, you can have it cut according to the size that you want for your paper bag. Since paper bags are so plain and simple, you can get them personalized by having your names and the date of your wedding printed on them to make them a little more attractive. Once the printing is done, you can fold and paste them onto the bags, punch holes at the top, and have satin ribbons (matching the color scheme of the decor) through the loops for handles. Place these bags on the table with candies and watch as people admire them!
Using cellophane to make candy bags may seem difficult, but it isn't. All you need is enough cellophane in the colors of the wedding theme or in plain white, with fancy strings matching the wedding theme. Now, for this idea, you need to make the candy bags probably 4 to 5 days prior to the wedding, since you'll need the candies when you make them. So, sort out all the candies and make equal parts for the number of guests. Now, cut the cellophane sheet, and the roll of string into equal pieces according to the number of guests. Place each portion of candy within a piece of cellophane, gather the cellophane together, and tie a string around the top, to make it look like a little pouch with drawstrings. You can fasten the ends with a rubber band before using the string for more support. Be careful while handling the cellophane as it can tear pretty easily.
One of the more elegant and slightly more expensive than paper and cellophane wedding candy bag ideas is using net to make them. Your best option would be to go to the store and buy small net bags in the wedding colors. Then, you can get your wedding date and your initials embroidered in one of the corners with a gold or silver string. If you want to make them all by yourself, buy the net fabric, cut it into equal pieces, and stitch them up from the sides by overlapping them with each other. Again, you can either make it have drawstrings or you can simply use a pretty ribbon to tie the neck.
Eco friendly candy bags are also hugely popular with couples. So, if you're planning on something of this sort, you can have pretty bags made in cotton or jute. Plain cotton bags will work out much cheaper and are more easily available. You can have the kids in your family (cousins, nieces, nephews, etc.) help you make them more attractive by having them paint your initials and wedding date onto the little bags. It will be an art project for them, plus the personal touch that you want for the bags!
If you have decided to make your own wedding candy bags, remember that you'll require the better portion of at least a week to make them all ready (depending on the number of guests, of course). So, keep that much time aside to make them. It's not very difficult to make them, plus you'll save on a lot of bucks from your wedding budget. You'll enjoy the experience thoroughly!
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