Wedding Candy Table

Parul Solanki Sep 29, 2018
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A wedding candy table can add the perfect burst of color and flavor to your wedding reception. Check out some great ideas for decorating your wedding candy buffet that will not only impress all your guests, but also bring out your childhood candy memories.
Wedding candy tables, sporting a multitude of candy flavors and mouth-watering confections, have recently become the hot new trend of wedding seasons. Not only do wedding candy buffets bring out the child in all of us, but they are also the perfect way of thanking guests for attending the wedding.
These fun wedding candy favors also double up as great wedding decorations, adding a splash of color and fun to your wedding reception.
However, the secret to a great table is to create a dazzling display of candies and other colors which follow the theme of the wedding reception. Here are some wedding candy buffet ideas that not only fit your budget, but will be something that your guests will absolutely love and remember for a long time to come.

Ideas for a Wedding Candy Table

Choosing the Color Scheme

Adding color to the occasion is not just about the wedding flowers and the dresses. Choose a color scheme to enhance the presence of your table, while making sure that it is in sync with the wedding reception theme.
A beach side table can feature decorations in shades of blue or use sandy tones. While monochromatic colors do look cool, do not shy away from trying out shades of red and pink for the table decorations.

The Perfect Candy Containers

The containers used for keeping the candies can range from plain apothecary jars to vases available in unique shapes and sizes.
Although clear, glass containers work the best, wicker baskets and small pails can also be used to showcase the candy in a unique style. Do not forget to add the scoops or thongs, which guests can use in order to take the candy out of the containers.
If you are planning on wedding candy favors that you want the guests to take along, you can use mini organza bags or little favor boxes for storing the candies.

Decorating the Table

In addition to choosing the candy and selecting the containers, the table decorations play an integral part in juicing up the wedding candy buffet.
Use flower bouquets, floating candles or photographs to prepare amazing wedding candy centerpieces. Placing the candy jars at different heights or making a wedding candy bouquet can spice up the look. Use ribbons on the jars for an interesting effect. Place the candies in over-sized cocktail glasses, which also serve as great wedding centerpieces.

Wedding Candy Ideas

There are galaxies of candy choices out there that will let your guests enjoy the sugar rush. You can pick up the candy, based on the wedding theme color, or select your own favorite candy, which sparks the feeling of childhood nostalgia. Picking up a wide range ensures that everyone gets a bite of the taste they like.
You can choose from a variety of chocolate candy, mints, hard candy, and gums. However, if you are planning an outdoor wedding reception, do not pick up something that will melt away. If you do not want traditional candy, then consider using mini cookies, kettle corn, or a punch bowl fountain as a form of sweet additions to your candy table.
Personalized candy favors seem to be the flavor of the season. You can add a special touch to the candies by including the wedding date.

Include a Thank You Note

In order to add a personal touch to the wedding favors, add a note for thanking the guests for making this day a special one for the wedded couple. Make sure to keep it short and simple and slip it into the favor boxes or bags that the guests can take home.
As more and more couples choose a wedding candy table, to add that 'wow' to their receptions, these ideas are a surefire way of getting the perfect wedding candy buffet.