Wedding Car Decorations

Getting away in a beautifully decorated shiny black limousine is a great way of concluding your wedding. But given that not everyone can afford to hire a limo, here are some decoration ideas for a wedding car that will help you transform any ordinary car into a royal chariot.
Car decorations, like myriad other things in a wedding, are done by someone other than bride and groom. Mostly, the person who decorates the car is a close friend (or sometimes even the best man) of the groom. However, the best man may not be always the best person to decorate a car. Often, the results are horrific, with roses and 'Just Married' signs all over the car. So, unless you want to make your bride faint on her wedding day, you must put your foot down and make your preferences clear to your buddy. Now, if you (like most other guys) are absolutely clueless about wedding car decorations, you can simply ask your sweetheart about her ideas, or go through the ideas given in this article.
Wedding Car Decoration Ideas and Tips
Fresh Flowers
Nothing beats the charisma and dramatic effect of decorating a car with flowers. Having said that, I do not mean you decorate your car with roses or orchids from hood to trunk. Simply tie a beautiful bouquet of your favorite flowers on the hood. Alternatively, you may also get a heart-shaped wreath and fix it on the hood. Tie small corsages to each handle of the car. Professional car decorators or florists can suggest several decorating ideas. However, be prepared to shell a hefty amount if you are going for fresh flower decoration.
Tulle and Ribbons
Tulle and ribbons find their use in most wedding decorations, and car decoration is no exception. You can use tulle and ribbons in myriad ways along with fresh flowers. White or colored ribbon flowers look great with tulle streamers. Alternatively, you can simply tie a few red ribbons with tulle flowers beneath a large 'Just Married' sign.
Silk Flowers
Silk flowers look very classy and are apt for formal weddings. Off white silk flower corsages or a large heart-shaped wreath looks absolutely stunning. Silk flowers are available in various colors, however, you should stick to red or cream to decorate a bridal car. You can also use semi-precious stones or other embellishments to go with the flowers.
These days, many people are looking for innovative ways to decorate their getaway vehicles. Writing unique messages with liquid chalk or glass markers is one such popular trend. However, make sure your messages are not offensive to the couple or the guests. Also, don't go overboard with writing messages, and make sure you don't obstruct the driver's view.
Decorating the car with balloons is the most inexpensive and least time-consuming option. Balloon decorations are mostly suitable for beach weddings or summer weddings. However, they may not be your best option for a formal or an upscale wedding.
Beer Cans
Tying beer cans to the bumper of car is a traditional and classic way of decorating a 'get away' vehicle. Use decorative strings or ropes to tie the cans to the bumper. However, make sure the strings are not too long, so that the cans do not tail too far behind the car.
If you are planning to hire a swanky car, you might have to be careful about your decorations. Some car renters may put a few restrictions on the type of decorations permitted while some others may volunteer to decorate your car for you.
Tying beer cans
Silk Flowers
Tulle and Ribbons