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Wedding Centerpiece Vases

Shashank Nakate Nov 28, 2018
Weddings are special for all of us, and so its also our attempt to make it special for the guests. Different ideas for wedding centerpiece vases are presented here which you can take into consideration while planning a wedding.
The centerpieces used in weddings are an important part of decorations. Vases are used as centerpieces for tables. These vases can be decorated in as many ways as possible. There are two options to choose from while using wedding centerpiece.
One can either buy expensive and elegant-looking vases from the market or create their own vases out of simple household utensils like jars, cups, etc. Let us understand how to decorate these centerpiece through the ideas presented here.

Ideas for Vases

There are innovative wedding centerpieces that could be used for creating attractive vases. The centerpieces without flowers are decorated with other items like candles, fruits kept floating in water, etc.
In the process of deciding on the flowers to be used for vases, opinion of the bride should be taken into account. Choices, likes/dislikes of the bride therefore, get reflected in the wedding decorations. Simple arrangements for vases can include glass containers filled with water and a lily/tulip placed in it.
Making use of vase fillers also enhances the look of these floral centerpieces for weddings. The smooth river rocks can be artistically placed in glass vases. White flowers look good with dark-colored rocks.

Tall Centerpiece Vases

Such kind of centerpieces are suitable for large halls. The height of the can vary from 8-32 inches. In case of decoration with a taller centerpiece, there is a chance of faces of people getting obstructed. One can try the following idea to counter this problem.
The table should be decorated with few more things to grab the attention of people. Scattering flower petals on the table, placing glass votive, etc. should prove to be helpful.

Cheap Centerpiece Vases

To adjust the expenses of decorations in a low-budget wedding, square/rectangular shapes vases should preferably be chosen. Walmart, Dollar stores and other such stores keep items that are useful for making centerpieces.
If one prefers rounded vases, those shapes which resemble a goldfish bowl, look good. Roses and Gerbera daisy flowers are suitable for such vases. Placing one flower in each is advisable. For a vintage wedding theme, the vintage glasses should be used.
Flowers chosen for vases should be fragrant; however, the scent should not be so strong that it drives people away. The centerpiece vases which are considered an important part of wedding decorations should look as simple as possible.
Table decorations with too many items may act as a turn off. Thus, one should try to make arrangements that are smart and attractive too.