Wedding Centerpieces on a Budget

You can have eye-catching wedding centerpieces, even when on a budget. Don't believe it? Here are some tips and ideas for the same.
Decorations forms an integral part of a wedding. Even if you are having a wedding on a budget, you can still have attractive decorations; the key is in making your own decorations. This will help you show your own creativity as well as help in cutting costs.

Ideas for Inexpensive Wedding Centerpieces

Rather than going for a ready-made centerpiece, it is better to buy some basic things and make it at home. Check these ideas.

Centerpiece with Flowers
Traditionally centerpieces were made only of flowers. Using flowers is still considered one of the best ideas for a centerpiece. Calla lily, carnations, and roses are popular options. Specially, the calla lily centerpieces look simple, yet graceful. As a quick tip, remember that if you are using simple flowers, at least make sure to use an arty and elaborate vase.

Centerpiece with Water
You can buy a glass or colorful low shallow bowl and fill it with water. Submerge tea lights or colorful decorative candles in water to make a centerpiece. Secondly, you can even add multicolored dye, petals, beads, etc., to the water and keep it as a table piece.

Centerpiece with Candles
Candles of different colors, shapes, and sizes can be used to make creative centerpieces. Wine or champagne glass candles, when lit on the table, look captivating. You can either have a couple of wine or champagne glass candles at the center of the table or simply arrange them all around the table. Secondly, having a centerpiece of pillar candles of varying sizes and colors is also a good option.

Miscellaneous Ideas

Apart from the aforementioned ones, you can use the following ideas to make wedding centerpieces on a budget.
  • You can spread colorful craft or silk flowers on the table or put them in a decorative vase at the center.
  • Borrow an antique candelabra, clean it, and place it at the center with candles on it.
  • Frames with love poems, pictures of the couple together can also be used as wedding centerpieces.
  • Christmas decorations like balls, confetti, Christmas ornaments, etc., can be creatively arranged at the center of the table.
  • 2-3 tier glass stands can be filled with chocolates and fruits and placed as a centerpiece.
  • Large and decorative fruit baskets filled with fresh seasonal fruits is also another interesting table piece idea.
  • Collect all the bridesmaid bouquets and arrange them as a large centerpiece for the wedding table.
  • Bottles of wine to be served at the reception can be decorated with ribbons and placed at the center of the table.
  • Take a low bowl, fill it with colorful shells, and place at the center of the table.
These ideas will surely help you to set the table beautifully. You can go for any of these ideas, or simply make use of your own creativity; it is sure to work. Good luck!
Purple wedding table decoration