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Wedding Centerpieces Without Flowers

Girija Shinde Nov 24, 2018
Flower centerpieces have become too common. If you wish to have a unique wedding, do something different and something that is original. You can place a contemporary glass lantern to give the surroundings a rustic feel. Let's see some more such interesting ideas.
Organizing a wedding is a very big responsibility. One has to take every tiny factor in consideration. Everything, starting from the decorations to the wedding favors, needs to be perfect.
Sometimes, when the workload becomes too much, we tend to compromise on certain something, like the wedding centerpieces. Everybody obviously wishes to have a unique centerpiece for their wedding, however one does not think about it before and then ends up with the same old floral adornment!
Floral centerpieces, no doubt, look beautiful, but they have become way too common. Every wedding, birthday party, and any other party in general will have a centerpiece made of some popular flower.
Besides being a cliché, they are also fragile and do not last long. No matter which flower you choose or how beautifully you arrange them, flowers will look dull after just a couple of hours. You can replace them with objects that will not only look beautiful, but will also last for a longer time.


Balloon centerpieces are very popular. You obviously can not use fragile normal balloons, instead helium balloons are used. You can unleash the creative within you and be as unique as you want to and can be here, you can arrange the balloons the way you want.
Like, you can tie tiny baskets filled with chocolates to a balloon and then tie the balloon to sticks. You can even stick balloon strings to a glass vase. Making an arc of balloons is also a unique idea! Choosing the right color of the balloons is also important.
If it is a beach wedding, you can work with blue, red, and pink balloons. Always remember to choose them in varied colors, preferably two colors. Also make sure that your tablecloth complements that of the balloons.

Water Centerpieces

If the wedding is in the evening, water centerpieces will add a touch of class and beauty to the decor. You can add colorful floating candles to the water to make it more dramatic.
You could also install a cute fish tank! If you have a buffet system and only one big table, this is the perfect idea for you. A small aquarium with colorful fish swimming in it is a pretty site. You can make use of fake fish centerpieces, if you have to put them on each table.


There are loads of lamps available in the market that can be used as wedding centerpieces. You can choose from varieties like inexpensive Japanese lanterns which give a festive look, or glass lanterns which lend a classy look to the decorations.
If you want a complete unique lantern, go for cup or vintage lanterns. Ghost leaf and gazebo lanterns are other types that can be used to increase the beauty of your wedding. You can add floating candles to the lanterns, too.


If you are planning a fall wedding, what can be a better centerpiece idea than foliage leaves! Leaves give a classic and nostalgic look to the wedding.
Maple leaves are obviously the favorite, however you can add your creativity and use different kinds of leaves. You can spread the leaves around a floating candle centerpiece or fill a tall broad glass with leaves and place them on the table.
Though none of the wedding centerpieces here contains flowers, all of them are sure to be the 'center' of attention!