Wedding Ceremony Ideas

By incorporating unique wedding ceremony ideas, you can add a personal touch to your wedding and make it memorable for all the guests. These small additions can make the special day all the more delightful and unique.
Wedding traditions have been handed to us by our fathers and forefathers. Following wedding tradition is not a bad thing, however, it's always better to add a personal touch to one's wedding ceremony. After all, it's the most important day of your life! Are you ready to divert from tradition and take the unconventional route? Here are some wedding ceremony ideas that you can incorporate into your wedding and make it a memorable one for you and your guests.
Unique Wedding Location
Weddings need not be conducted in a chapel. The house of God is not a structure but people. It's the assembly of God's people which is called a church, not the concrete structure with pointed steeples that we see. You can have your wedding in a garden, on the beach, in a forest, resort, hilltop or even in your own backyard. It's all up to you and your budget. You will also have to consider the convenience of your guests. The best part about adopting outdoor wedding ceremony ideas is that mother nature provides most of the ambiance and you don't have to struggle with wedding ceremony decoration ideas. Slight decorations and lights simply make the wedding site look amazing!
Write Your Own Wedding Vows
The church provides us with a ready-to-use wedding vows format. However, exchanging self-written vows is also a great idea. It makes the whole vow exchanging ceremony more meaningful and beautiful. Since you and your spouse have written the wedding ceremony script, you understand and mean every word you say on the wedding day. You can also have your own ring ceremony wordings. However, check with your pastor or priest for permission to incorporate the same, because some may raise objections.
Promise cards to Guests
Have promises from the Bible written down on handmade cards. There are scores of beautiful encouraging Bible verses and promises of God in the Bible. Have two or four people standing at the entrance of the church with trays containing these promise cards. God's Word has power and you never know who may get touched with those words. It's a great way to encourage and exhort your guests. Instead of promise cards, you can also make bookmarks and write the promises on them.
Flower Boy and Girl
Instead of having the traditional four to five flower girls, have just one flower girl and page boy, walk down the aisle together. Get a lovely little gown for the flower girl, which is the same color as your gown. Dress the page boy in a smart suit and give him the ring cushion to hold. This cute little couple leads the bridal march. The girl holds the boy's hand and with the other free hand strews the aisle carpet with lovely blossoms. The little couple simply look adorable walking down the aisle.
Exchanging Bible
It's not necessary for the bride and groom to exchange wedding rings as a token of commitment. You can exchange any token, such as a Bible, watches, etc. You get couple's Bibles or even bride's Bible, groom's Bible these days with little notes of advice on each page regarding marriage. It's a useful gift and as you read it everyday, you remember and renew the commitment you made to the love of your life on that awesome wedding day!
Honoring Your Mother and Mother-in-Law
In the bridal bouquet, you can have additional two roses or flowers attached loosely. When you reach the aisle give the flower to your father and ask him to give the rose to your mother. Or else when you reach the pew where your mother is seated, give her the rose yourself. Then after the wedding ceremony take out the other loose rose and give it to your mother-in-law before walking down the aisle. It's a warm gesture of honoring the two most important women in your life.
You can also have unique music ideas, like have somebody sing special numbers before the wedding to keep guests entertained. Remember that with these unique and different wedding ceremony ideas, you are not doing away with the traditional wedding ceremony outline. Instead, you are adding a personal touch to the handed-down ceremony format, to make the wedding all the more special and memorable!
Own Wedding Vows