Perfect Wedding Color Combinations

Mamta Mule Nov 23, 2018
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The choice of wedding colors play a significant role in the overall arrangements, because they may either add beauty to the theme or ruin it completely. Hence, here are the tried and tested, and the best color combos to illuminate your entire wedding area.
There are a number of things that you need to plan for a wedding. Decorations are among those primary things, which need to be done perfectly. Theme weddings are a very popular trend that helps you have a well-defined decoration and plan.
You can go for color themes depending upon the season. Color themes give you a wide range of options to choose from. Well, now you might be eager to know about the various color combinations, right? Here are some ideas.

For a Summer Wedding

Summer is all about brightness. You can choose a color duo like, orange and yellow, pink and red, yellow and pink,  lavender and sage color, lavender and pink, lavender and purple or go for an ultimate triad of yellow, purple, and fuschia to liven up the place.

For a Spring Wedding

Pastels are very popular for this season. You can go for a lovely green and blue or light pink and light green combination. Sage and aqua blue colors make a lovely combination. Lavender and white is another combination you can have to spice up the decorations.
Instead of having a dual color combination you can also opt for a triad. This gives you a chance to add more colors, and create a perfect wedding area. Yellow, red, and green can go really well together. Blue, pink, and silver make an elegant combination. Lavender, sage, and ivory also make a unique color combo.

For a Fall Wedding

Make use of fall colors, and beautify the space. During the fall, you can see a lot of orange and brown. Brown and beige make one of the best color schemes for a fall wedding.
You can also have chocolate and off-white combination to beautify the venue. Bronze and white, with a tinge of silver can make a glittery combo. You can choose to have olive and rust color, or dark olive and mocha. You can also opt for orange, yellow, and dark brown to enhance the look of the wedding space.
Once the color combination is chosen, you know the right direction while working on the decorations and other preparations as well. It is a great idea to have the same combo used for bridal gowns and the wedding cake.
Creating the right ambiance is very essential while you decide the color theme for the big day of your life. So, before choosing the wedding colors, know well, whether you want a bold, lively effect, or a calm and soft ambiance.
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