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Wedding Color Ideas

Wedding Color Ideas
A ceremony, where the lovers come together to tie the everlasting knot, is the most celebrated event in their lives. It's a day of great joy and happiness. So, to have the wedding of your dreams, steal some of the wedding theme color options.
Amruta Gaikwad
Wedding day holds a special place in the hearts of the bride and groom. It's a day when the couple unites into an everlasting bond. Wedding not only portrays the togetherness of the lovers but it's also regarded as a way of blessing the couple for a wonderful life ahead. Therefore, to make the day more memorable for the couple and the guests, wedding day must be well planned. Planning a wedding is a great task. It includes many things and requires adequate time to have the perfect wedding. The important key factors for a good wedding are the place, decorations, furniture, food, dresses and invitations. Among these, invitations and decorations mainly depend on the theme of the wedding. Hence, including wedding colors and themes is essential to go about the rest of the planning. Many couples prefer to experiment with colors or implement certain innovative themes such as fairytale themes or rose wedding themes. Couples who want to mix and match colors, may find this article useful.
Ceremonial Color Shades
Colors determine the overall appearance of the ceremony. They set a certain mood and determine the ambiance. The dresses, cakes, flowers and other decorative pieces must well complement the color, to bring out the best from the ceremony. Some popular colors have caught the attention of wedding planners and couples, who use them in the weddings. Colors add a great effect and make the wedding joyous.
Gray Shades
Gray color is coming up as one of the most desired colors for a wedding ceremony. Gray adds to a more sophisticated and elegant look. When used with other colors, it can stand out well during the wedding. Some of the colors that can be mixed well with gray could be pink, orange, red or lemon yellow. If you consider to add a little touch of pink, it will turn the ambiance more romantic. The bride and the bridesmaids can wear the light shades of pink dresses while the groom and groomsmen can wear light gray shades. These colors work well for daytime and evening wedding. A touch of orange can add a little warmth to the ceremony. Using orange flowers as centerpieces and a white wedding cake will look beautiful for the ceremony. Mauve and plum colors look more fine and historic, while red and yellow colors give more of a vintage look.
Green Shades
Green has a lot of variety and is easy to experiment with. Flowers such as orchids and shades of hydrangeas look great as centerpieces. Even roses can be well combined with other flowers, to add some more color to the wedding. In case, you choose to use dark green color, it is best to match it with light shades of green. Teaming the green shades with white, silver and ivory bring out the green color. Green also blends well with shades of pink and yellow and works best during the spring time.
Jewel Tone Colors
The most common jewel tone colors are emerald, ruby and sapphire. They bring out the feeling of pride and elegance. Different shades and combinations of these colors turn wedding more royal and make the ceremony look beautiful. If you choose to apply Sapphire blue, it can look well with lighter shades of blue or silver. This color combination suits well for winters. In case of emerald green and ruby, shades of pink and purple stand out well. These colors are best during the spring time. Wedding can look more gorgeous with a touch of right shades of flowers. White lilies or tulips can look great with dark blue color while, yellow or white roses can look beautiful with emerald and ruby. As these colors look more royal, they can stand out if used in big antique halls or homes.
Purple Theme
To make the wedding look royal, purple color can be a good option. Purple color can be used with lavender and mauve or make the color look more captivating, combine it with white or silver colors. Bright colors always look well during the winter seasons and therefore, purple too will stand out during this season. Flowers such as Tulips, Lisianthus and Freesias look great for a purple wedding theme. No matter how you arrange the wedding place, it is important to keep in mind the right color combinations as it makes the event look great.
Orange Theme
Orange color wedding theme looks good during the fall. If arranged with the shades, brown, yellow, gray it looks even better. The color also looks good against the night and therefore seems suitable for an evening wedding. If you select bright orange, use lighter colors to support the theme. Use tulips, orchids, roses to display as centerpieces.
Choosing the colors becomes easy, if there is certain wedding theme in mind; ruby, red or pink can go well with romantic theme or to make it more unique, jewel color scheme would be an appropriate choice. Colors always make the occasion look special and elevates the wedding mood.
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