Wedding Color Palettes

Are you confused as to what color theme you should choose for your wedding? In this article we are going to discuss various color palettes and help you choose the best one for your wedding.
Wedessence Staff
Having a unique color palette will ensure that your wedding decorations look more polished and beautiful. Color palettes depend to a large extent on the season of your wedding. A winter color palette will differ greatly from a spring color palette and a fall color scheme. It also depends a great deal on your personal preference as well as the location of the wedding. As we all know, a beautiful and harmonious color scheme that is pleasing to the eye, can make a bold statement. Colors that clash, on the other hand, will have quite a jarring effect and should be strictly avoided.
Spring Wedding Color Scheme
Spring is the perfect time to opt for soft pastel colors that spell romance. You have to coordinate various elements of the wedding from the cake, centerpieces, and flowers, to the candles, ribbons, and shoes, to carry out this color theme. You can use colors like lavender, lime green, pale yellow, light blue, pink, and peach to create a beautiful color palette. You can even choose your favorite color, say pink, and use shades in varying intensity for decorations. This will give a very cohesive look and feel to the decorations and make for a great color palette. You can even use black, together with another color, to give a dramatic effect to your wedding reception. Pairing black with yellow or black with blue are great options for modern wedding color schemes. A green color palette, complete with green-colored decorations and flowers, is one of the perfect wedding colors for spring. It is best to pair green with one more color for visual interest. Green with orange or green with purple are some of the best combinations for a spring wedding.
Fall Wedding Color Palettes
If you are having a wedding in fall, then you are very lucky because you can choose from a lot of gorgeous colors. Autumn is the best time for a wedding as you can use a lot of warm and rich colors that are inspired from nature. Gold, yellow, copper, orange, peach, and brown are some of the best colors. Remember that the colors you choose for your wedding reflect the mood and ambiance of your wedding. Fall colors should be incorporated into wedding favors, flowers, table linens, wedding cake, bridesmaid dresses, and accessories. A very sophisticated color palette that you can choose is rich chocolate, paired with purple. These two colors work beautifully together and are the perfect colors for an autumn wedding. The wedding bouquets can have purple-colored flowers like lavender and lilacs, tied with cocoa-colored satin ribbons. Purple-colored wedding centerpieces and chocolate-colored table linens seldom fail to impress.
Winter Wedding Color Palettes
You can use bright and bold colors for a winter wedding for a dramatic look. Winter wedding colors can be anything from fuchsia, turquoise, red, and purple to the more sober white, lime green, and pale pink. You can be as flamboyant as you like and also use colors like gold and copper. A popular color for winter wedding decoration is red. You can pair red with black for a striking color combination, or you can use red with white for a more understated elegance. Wedding flowers that match this particular color palette are red roses, amaryllis, and hypericum berries. Purple with blue, and fuchsia with gray are some other good winter wedding colors.
As any bride will tell you, choosing wedding color palettes is confusing and intimidating. But once you know what you want, you can go about hiring your florist, choosing bridesmaid dresses, and ordering the cake.
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