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Charming Wedding Color Scheme Ideas

Rashida Khilawala Nov 20, 2018
As a wedding add color into a person's life, shouldn't the color scheme be well-thought out as well? Find the right color combinations to make your day the best one yet...
Weddings are full of romance, beauty, and elegance. It's a day when two souls become one; love joins them forever. No wonder this day holds so many expectations for many.
Picking wedding color combinations is nothing different. It can leave anyone restless, especially when it's your wedding day. So why not let the worries fly out the window and let us help you find that perfect combination.

Breathtaking Wedding Color Schemes

Here are a few suggestions from our side on which color combinations work well and are in style. Keep in mind that you can easily include your favorite colors into the mix too.

Blue, Green, and Purple Wedding

A color scheme that really works wonders for a beach or garden theme wedding is ocean hues.
That is blue and all its shades into green, and it'll make your wedding look tranquil and well-balanced. This wedding color theme has a very refreshing and enticing effect. The bride can have flowers in her hair and the drinks can be served in coconut shells (for a beach wedding).

Pink and Orange Wedding

Now we come to a color scheme that runs along the same lines - All Pink! Yes, it is very popular and the look it gives is to die for!
No, your ceremony will not look like a marshmallow and you will not need to wear a pink wedding dress! Pink is a color that complements all others and this quality is what we bank on. The color pink will give the entire place a very innocent and cute look. In the midst of that, your love for each other will exhibit it's purity!

Green and Pink Wedding

If you're planning a winter wedding, green is your new best friend.
The brightness and the colors will accentuate all the happiness that you will be feeling on the day. More so, let's face it, the bride and the bride's dress will look great in such an atmosphere.

Purple and Green Wedding

The next one is an all time favorite - shades of purple!
Yes, purple is a color of divinity and creativity. More so, it looks gorgeous. You can have different shades of purple on your invitations, the drapes and the table covers. Bottom line, the rich and regal look of purple will engulf the wedding and give it an "out of the world" look and experience. Isn't that just what you were looking for?

Black and White Wedding

Now we come to an oldie, but a goody style - Black and White!
For an elegant and over-the-top wedding, black and white can prove to be a great combination. It is commonly used because it works wonders. The white wedding dress and the transparent wine glasses, the white and black tuxedo, and the bridesmaids' dresses. Can you imagine and see how great it will all look!

Brown and Gold Wedding

You may not agree with this earthy color tone, but brown works amazing for outdoor weddings.
Apart from the decoration you choose, the nature fills in its own breathtaking beauty to make the day so much more beautiful. Something to think about!
Choosing wedding colors can be tricky, but don't worry; you can find the perfect color schemes to make your wedding a day no one will ever forget. Just take one step at a time and you'll know what to do.