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Wedding Colors for 2019

Rimlee Bhuyan Mar 12, 2019
Get to know the latest wedding color trends with the help of this information.
Wedding is one of the most anticipated occasion of your life. Every aspect of your wedding should be well thought of and planned. Choosing the right color palette in consideration with the theme of your wedding is important as it enhances the aura of your wedding.
Before you choose your wedding color palette you should be familiar with the latest color trends that could be included in your wedding decor, reception decor, or while choosing your bridesmaids dresses.
Try using a combination of trendy colors instead of one single color for your wedding. The combination of different colors makes your wedding ambiance look gorgeous.

Shades of Blue

There is a variety of shades of blue that you can opt for, right from navy blue to sky blue. The navy blue wedding invites with golden calligraphy looks surreal. The bridesmaid dresses can be of the same blue shade or you can have a range of blues.
A soft blue table linen and navy blue chair sashes would brighten up your wedding. Flowers like blue hydrangeas, lobelia, blue perennials, morning glory, and so on can be included in your bouquet. A blue boutonniere would enhance the grooms attire.

Dusty Rose and Green

Dusty rose and green is a beautiful color combination which instantly transports you to a fairy land. The dusty rose color wedding invites written in green calligraphy looks elegant. White and peach flowers like sweat peas, tuberose, pink hyacinth, peach lilies and so on make good centerpieces.
The bridesmaids can be dressed up in dusty rose dresses. The groom can wear an olive green suit with a pale rose tie and a boutonniere to go with the wedding theme.

Vintage Red and Peach

Vintage red and peach might seem like an odd color combination but when once all the wedding decor is put together in vintage red and peach, it just looks magical.
Peach bridesmaid dresses and a mixture of red, orange and green color flower bouquet; red linen for tables with orange centerpieces looks mesmerizing. The groom can wear a dark peach bow tie or a tie with peach boutonniere.

Lavender and Lilac

Lavender and lilac is a mystic princessy wedding theme color. Dark lavender wedding invites with a golden calligraphy looks beautiful. The bridesmaids can opt for shades of lavender to lilac for their dresses.
Use lilac table linen with dark lavender chair sash, and to complete the look, use lavender, dwarf iris and datura flowers as centerpieces. The groom can go for a lavender boutonniere and a tie to complete his look. The lavender-lilac-ombre flower chandelier completes the princessy aura.

Navy Blue and Pink

Navy blue and pink is an elegant color combination. The bridesmaid dresses look gorgeous in shades of pink, blue or the combination of the two. The groom and the groomsmen can wear a navy blue suit with a pink boutonniere and a pink tie.
The wedding invites can be designed in navy blue with a golden calligraphy and pink ribbons. Pink orchids, ranunculus, sweet pea, jasmine, or lilies can be used for the bouquet and the centerpieces.
Incorporate a combination of these colors in your wedding to create a stunning ambiance that you will certainly cherish forever.