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Wedding Colors and Themes

Ratnashri Dutta Nov 25, 2018
We will tell you all about the wedding colors and themes that will go with every season.
A wedding is a special day in every man and woman's life. It is the day when two hearts come together, keeping God and all those who are close to the married couple, as witnesses. It is the time when people start a new chapter in their life. Hence, it's important that it is done in style and with great grandeur.
Having a proper wedding theme and color is important. Whether it's the cake, the bridesmaid dresses, the flowers or the decor, everything has to be set accordingly. You must have faced a situation where when you go to order the cake, the baker asks not about the design but about the theme. Hence, here are some tips that will surely make the day memorable.

Themes and Color Schemes

A person getting married during the winter, needs to choose a color and theme pertaining to that season. Colors, which look good during the summer may not look that good during the autumn. Thus, here are some ideas which will only make your day special. Go through the schemes and make your day special because you deserve it.

Autumn Wedding

Earlier, people thought an autumn wedding does not look good due to the lack of color in that season. Well, they were wrong, even an autumn event provides you with a vast number of opportunities to have a perfect marriage.
Just imagine how nature looks during the autumn season with its eggplant, red, orange, olive and chocolate color. Beautiful! Now, use the same on your D-day and when it comes to fall colors, you can have a combination of red and orange or maybe rust and olive. You can even try mocha, chocolate and ivory combination or maybe red, rust and golden yellow.

Spring Wedding

If you are planning to get married during spring, then nothing like it. It's the season when love is in the air and the whole world bursts into beautiful colors. Everywhere you go, all you see is the beauty of Mother Nature.
There's no end to the themes you can choose for a spring wedding. From ivory to pastel green to white and lavender to light blue, or even chocolate. Any type of bright color will suit the spring. You need to combine these hues well; you can combine pink with orange or maybe pink with chocolate.
You can also combine lavender with white or ivory and light blue. You can also combine sage, ivory, and pink or white, ivory and mocha. Blend them all well, and you will have a wonderful d├ęcor.
For themes, you can probably arrange your reception in the garden, as more and more people would love to enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of nature. You can make use of flowers like daffodils or lilacs or maybe tulips, or maybe even daisies instead of rosebuds.
For the reception, have lots and lots of fresh fruits as it is the spring, everyone would surely love that. Fresh strawberries and or fruits with chocolates can be there for your spring marriage dinner.
Along with this, slow romantic music such as that of the harp, is a good choice. There's nothing like good romantic, music on this romantic day. There are countless ideas that you can refer to for your special day.

Winter Wedding

Many girls dream of a white winter wedding. Do not dream any more, have it! This winter, the main colors that would really go for a perfect matrimonial event are mainly white, and combine it with silver or periwinkle or red or even chocolate, and there you have a perfect winter wedding.
You can have a perfect winter theme to go with, or maybe even a Christmas theme with Christmas trees and a Santa.

Summer Wedding

If not spring, summer is the next best season to get married. Just like spring, there are many colors that you can try out. You have red, orange, lavender or maybe yellow, sage, turquoise or aqua and the list goes on.
While choosing, you can go for a combination of white, pink, and orange, or maybe a bright combination of pink, yellow, orange, lime, and purple.
For the summer theme, there are several that you can choose from. You can have a beach wedding.Your guests would love to spend the whole summer day on the beach. There are several ideas for this purpose which you can refer to.
You can have the reception at your garden. Deck it up with some hues of the summer like orange and pink and red, you have your grand reception. Make sure that the cakes and dresses of the bridesmaids go with the theme. Have a combination of orange and fuchsia and then tone it down a bit with pale pink or pale yellow for a romantic ambiance.

Wedding Cake for Autumn

Wedding Cake for Winter

There you have it, colors schemes for the perfect occasion. Make sure that even the cake and the dress go along with the chosen theme and the color. Follow these steps, and you are sure to have a wedding that you will remember always.