Wedding Coordinator Duties

Aastha Dogra Nov 8, 2018
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A wedding coordinator has many duties. Let's see the kinds of jobs and responsibilities of a coordinator and their kinds of qualifications required for a person to enter this profession.
A few decades back, planning and organizing the wedding was something that the couple did themselves with the help of their friends and family. Planning a wedding is not an easy task. The stress of organizing the event coupled with pre-wedding jitters can really take its toll on the couple.
This is where wedding coordinators entered the market, to relieve the couple and their family of all worries pertaining to organizing the event, and to ensure that they have the most happy and memorable day.
A wedding coordinator, dressed in formal wear, instructing everyone around to do a good job, may seem like someone who is all authority and glamor, but if you go into the details of the work they perform, you will see a completely different side of this much-publicized profession. Here are their responsibilities.

Meeting the Clients

Upon getting hired, the first thing that a coordinator has to do is meet up with the couple and get a brief idea of the kind of ceremony they want.
He/she notes down their budget, the scale at which they want the ceremony to take place, the number of invitees they expect to invite, any traditions that should be included, etc. After this, the coordinator starts working on the details of the reception.

Deciding the Theme

The coordinator and the couple visit various possible venues for the reception. The venue can be a church, a hotel ballroom, or the couple's own house.
Once the venue is finalized, he/she suggests various themes around which everything―right from the decorations, menu, dresses of the bridesmaids, flowers, centerpieces, music, and invitations amongst other things―are planned. The couple may choose one of the themes suggested or they may suggest something of their own.
At this point, the coordinator shows photographs of some of the theme weddings that he/she has organized previously. After much discussion, the theme is finally selected, and then the coordinator starts planning the other things to bring this theme in the most amazing manner possible.

Other Tasks

Here is a list of jobs involved in this profession:
  • Sending out the invitations, and making note of the people who have sent their confirmations.
  • Hiring services for photography, flowers, food, decorations, etc. and explaining the theme to them. Then, discussing with them to arrive at the kind of product/service that is required of them for the ceremony.
  • Accompanying the bride and the groom for their dress/suit trials. Deciding the outfits of the maid of honor, bridesmaids, best man, and groomsmen.
  • Arranging for a beautician for the bride and the groom.
  • Arranging for vehicles for the families, friends, and the couple to arrive at the venue and to go back after the ceremony is over.
  • Deciding the music; this includes deciding the kinds of songs to be played and the band or DJ to be hired.
  • Ensuring that all things are going according to the plan on the big day is an important part of a coordinator's job.
  • If there is an emergency at the wedding, such as a parking problem at the venue, he/she should be prepared to deal with it.
  • In some cases, he/she may be asked to choose and arrange for the honeymoon destination and bookings.
  • After the wedding, the coordinator ensures that each and every vendor gets paid on time.

Qualifications and Skills

Anyone contemplating a career in this profession should work with a wedding planner for a few years, learn the secrets of this trade, and then think of going solo. As for education, after a bachelor's degree, one can do a diploma in wedding planning, though it in no way makes up for hands-on experience.
Good communication skills, interpersonal skills, listening skills, organization and planning skills, and confidence are some of the things that will carry a person through this profession.
A wedding planner's main job is to see to it that the day is the happiest and the most memorable day for the bride, groom, and all the guests.
For this, they sometimes take on the job of an organizer who ensures everything is in place, sometimes of an artist who coordinates colors and styles in decorations, and sometimes may become the person who takes responsibility when something goes wrong.
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