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Wedding Day Perfume Ideas

Wedding Day Perfume Ideas

It's every girl's dream to look good on her wedding day, but it is also important to understand that looking good isn't all. It is essential to smell nice too. Today take a look at a few wedding perfume ideas.
Komal Bakhru
The desire to look as stunning as possible on her wedding day is what every girl hopes for. All she would like is for all eyes to be on her. Within reason too. After all, it is her big day. But has it ever occurred to anyone that looking good is only one part of it. The other part, which is an equally important part is, smelling good. However, when it comes to choosing the right fragrance, how do you know what's perfect for your own wedding? Here's how you could decide... For starters, you must make sure that the fragrance suits you in terms of both, your personality, as well as being only as strong a scent as you can handle (the last thing you would want is a headache from wearing it for too long). What comes into play while choosing the right perfume is the time of the day and year that has been chosen for the wedding. While a morning wedding is perfect for a clean, fresh and exotic fragrance, an evening wedding makes for the perfect setting for something more sensual. Needless to say, a light scent would be more appropriate for a summer wedding, while something strong would be better suited for a winter wedding. So how about a look at some good wedding perfume ideas...

Top Perfumes to Use on a Wedding Day

Since we've been talking about having the right fragrance, all throughout, here is a selection of some of the top perfumes that you can choose from on your wedding day...

Vera Wang Anniversary (Vera Wang)
The queen of wedding dresses, you know that you aren't wrong if you opt for a Vera Wang perfume for your wedding day too. With notes of red apple leaves, mandarin orange, Sicilian bergamot, orange blossom, rose, gardenia, cedar, amber, musk and orris root, this perfume is just right for all those women who like a little of everything, because that's exactly what this perfume offers... A floral yet musky scent.

Chanel # 5 (Chanel)
This one's a classic that needs no introduction at all. Chanel # 5 has been around since forever, and its popularity is well justified too. The first perfume ever launched by Coco Chanel, this one dates back to the 1920s. A perfect blend of floral and musky, this one is a composition that "smells like a woman should", which is exactly what Coco Chanel was looking for when creating this perfume.

Beautiful (Estee Lauder)
Next in line is something from Estee Lauder. Beautiful will sure make you feel beautiful on your big day. The top notes for this perfume are supposed to be lily, rose, tuberose, mandarin and marigold. Middle notes are, ylang-ylang, jasmine, orange flower and muguet, and the base notes of this one are sandalwood and vetiver. With a combination of all these ingredients, this perfume lasts fairly long, and can go on for anything up to 10 hours too, making it appropriate for a wedding.

Miss Dior Chérie (Dior)
If you've always been a Dior fan, chances are you've already used this perfume, but for those of who always intended to use it, but never had the chance, here is your chance. You must be warned that this perfume doesn't last too long, but it is so pleasant a fragrance that it would be a little hard to resist. It is perfectly "citrusy", making it a great pick for a day time summer wedding.

Parisienne à l'Extrême (Yves Saint Laurent)
An extremely full bodied fragrance, Parisienne à l'Extrême from YSL is a really good option for someone who likes an exotic scent. A touch of musk and suede combined with vanilla, blackberry, cranberry, violet, rose and patchouli, this is one intense fragrance, that is for sure. Anyone that loves a sensual and sexy perfume must pick this one for their wedding day, because there is no going wrong with this one.

Classique (Jean Paul Gaultier)
The first thing that comes to your notice with this perfume is its interesting bottle. Once you move beyond that and concentrate on the fragrance itself, you will notice that it is all about scents like rum essence, rose essence, amber, sandalwood, daffodil, vanilla orchid and bourbon vanilla. Given that it is a bold scent, it may not be for everybody, but for those who dare, it makes for one of the better wedding perfume ideas.

The above mentioned was a selection of some of the best that there are to choose from. Others to opt from are: Romance (Ralph Lauren), Beige (Chanel), Beauty (Calvin Klein), Princess (Vera Wang). Hopefully you will find a scent that suits you from amongst these. If not, feel free to go ahead with what you love most. A suggestion though, don't use something you use on a regular basis, because you would want to have a fragrance that the significant other can always think of you by, especially on one of the best day of your lives.