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Wedding Decorations on a Budget

Mukta Gaikwad Oct 6, 2018
Weddings on budgets are a tight rope walk. Nonetheless, inexpensive decoration items, if used tastefully, can add a touch of elegance to the wedding decor. Here are a few wedding decorations on a budget tips for you to make your W-day picture perfect!
Matches may be made in heaven, but weddings happen right here on earth, under pervading pressure of tight budgets. Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event, so it's got to be like you've always planned it to be, but sadly, you don't have enough funds.
No worries, though, allow me, to help you save enough money to buy the wedding gown that you've always dreamed of. The biggest clue for making wedding decorations on a budget is to ensure that these decorations look equally glamorous, and can be achieved with a little bit of creative thinking. So, put on your creative thinking and let's get working.

Classy Centerpieces

Who says, money can buy class? The point is, whoever said that, is surely wrong. Wedding centerpieces don't have to be expensive to look classy. Floating candles can be a budget friendly and gives a pleasant touch for an evening.
Find floating candles dime in a dozen and that too in various shapes, sizes, colors and if you want fragrances too. Rent bowls of same sizes, buy some flowers petals and floating candles of your choice. Pour in some water, sprinkle some flower petals to cover the top surface of the water and place a floating candle in the center of the bowl.

Great Gazebo

Wants your wedding gazebo to look picture perfect? Tulle is a reasonable fabric, as compared to satin or silk. A thin, netted, shiny, gives a dreamy look. Buy enough of tulle, and, go in for seasonal flowers, as they are cheaper and easier to find.

Hall Decorations

Before you begin with the hall decorations, make sure you have decided on a color scheme. This will give an idea of the materials to be bought and the available alternatives. Inexpensive material, if used in style, can add copious amounts of elegance to the decorations.
Fabrics like tulle, ribbons and seasonal flowers are simply great to decorate with. There is no need to go overboard with flowers all around the place, hence, use minimal flowers. Tie the backs of the chair with tulle and ribbons to add a touch of sophistication and uniformity.

Wedding Mementos

You may, as a couple decide to give wedding mementos or wedding favors to your guests, as a souvenir of your wedding. This is a part of wedding reception decorations as you near the time to leave for honeymoon and bid your goodbyes.
On budget, wedding favors are personalized bookmarks, mini-lanterns, themed coasters or candles. Your wedding favors don't have to be opulent in any form. Ensure that they are personalized, so that your guests feel thanked, and cherish the memories of your wedding in years to come.
To keep your wedding on a budget, talk to your partner-to-be. Wedding is a day of your union with your love, to be celebrated by both of you. It's a wise idea to go in for an economic and wisely planned budget, as you can always spend the saved money on a bigger plan, such as buying a car or a house, or renting a place.
A wedding is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so make sure everything goes well, as it is beautiful and special, as you wanted!