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Wedding Dress Styles for 2019

Rimlee Bhuyan Dec 17, 2018
If you are planning for a wedding in 2019, then you must be looking for the latest wedding dress patterns. To look elegant and chick on your wedding day, have a look and adorn yourself with any of these wedding dress styles trending in 2019.
Every woman wants to look her best on her wedding day. Girls plan for their wedding day from a very small age and have very specific likes and dislikes. Selecting a perfect wedding dress is a challenging and time-consuming task and you have to know which styles are trendy and stylish in that particular season.
Knowing which designs and styles of wedding dress are currently trending will help you in choosing your dream wedding dress. While choosing a wedding dress, make sure that the style you choose complements your body structure too.

Popular Styles of Bridal Gowns 2019

Wedding Gown with a Cape

The capes are not just for superheroes. The previous year's trend is continuing this year too. But the capes have upgraded to full length ones. Capes are perfect for a winter wedding and you can surely surprise the guests by your looks.
The cape will add wings to your gown. If you have a passion for trending fashion then go for the capes.

Wedding Gown with Black Accents

Black is the new white for this season. Black is associated with elegance and sophistication. This season go for an all black wedding gown or a mix of both. The guests will be surely surprised.
A little black and white affair will add more contrast to your looks. Go for black bows or patterns that will add just a black touch to your wedding gown.

Wedding Gown with a Jacket

Looking for some all-together-different kind of wedding outfit? You can go for a Moto jacket that matches with your gown color or if you love to have something different then go for the contrasting one. The studded jackets will enhance your look.
The jackets on the gowns are perfectly suitable for winter weddings and a good alternative for a caplet.

Mid Length Wedding Gowns

Do you fancy a mid length for a wedding gown? This will give you a fun and modern look. Also a good alternative if you want to expose some skin on your big day. The shorter you wear the better you feel.

Wedding Gown with Feathers

If you are planning to break the traditional barriers and go for a modern look, you need to try this on. The feathers on wedding is on the trending list. Walk down the aisle with something new and modern. You can add feathers on the skirts as well as to the sleeves. The feathers will create a fluffy look which will add more volume to your personality.

Shades of Blue

Step out of the norm and choose a colored wedding gown. Shades of blue are trending ones. You can go for a complete blue bridal gown or in any shade of blue. The color will add freshness to your look. Colored wedding dresses are not difficult to choose once you are sure which color suits your skin tone and personality.
Trends might come and go, but the most important thing is to find a wedding dress that reflects your personality best and complements your style. Select a wedding dress trend that is your favorite, and shop around to find your dream wedding dress.