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Where to Find Wedding Dresses Under $1000

Rimlee Bhuyan Feb 8, 2019
If you are having a wedding on a budget, then you must be looking for an inexpensive dress. It is very much possible to buy a budget-friendly dress without compromising on style or quality. Read more to know how and from where!
Every girl dreams of wearing the perfect dress on her wedding day, something that is exquisite and breathtaking. When you are planning a wedding on a budget, there is no reason to compromise on your wedding dress.
There are many beautiful dresses costing less than USD 1000 which you'd look elegant in after tweaking to fit you. Being on a budget doesn't mean you can't get a Vera Wang or Vivienne Westwood bridal gown. Many discount stores and online bridal boutiques help you buy designer bridal gowns at affordable prices.
To get that beautiful wedding dress within your budget, you need to act smart, have patience, and possess great bargain hunting skills. You can't find inexpensive dresses at retail in a high-end store. You need to plan months ahead of your wedding. First look through some issues of bridal magazines, and find out the styles and designs that you like.
Make a booklet of all the designs that you like, and make sure that they are suitable for you. Now, make a selection of the top 10 dresses that you like the most and find out where you can purchase them. For the frugal fashionista, there is quite a huge selection, if you know where to look for them.

Where to Find the Dresses?

Sales at Boutiques

Most of the big fashion houses as well as top boutiques have an annual discount sale that is exclusively for wedding gowns.
These discounts are kept under the wraps and not many people know about them. Look out for such annual discounts and don't forget to take your booklet of your 10 favorite dresses.
If you are lucky enough to find your dream dress in the store in your size, grab it before anyone else takes it. It's possible to find your dream Vera Wang gown at the unbelievable price of $999, when its retail price is $3120.

Online Stores

Online wedding stores have evolved now, and you can find a wide selection of cheap dresses. Browse through all the top online wedding stores and mark all the dresses that you think will look good on you.
If you are not sure about the make, size, or any other details, you can call their customer care and ask them about a particular dress. Make sure that you have a good seamstress to do any alterations, as you are not able to physically see the dress before purchasing it. Ask the store about its take-back policy and delivery system.

Make Your Own

You could also design your own dress and sew it yourself. If you love vintage clothes which are full of glamor and old-world charm, you can make a vintage style dress by purchasing the pattern for a minimal price.
These patterns are available online, and all you need to do is make the dress based on the pattern. You could also get a good seamstress to help you. Remember to purchase the fabrics and trimmings of the highest quality from top fabric stores. Since the wedding dress is custom-made, it will fit you like a dream and you will look exquisite.
Planning ahead of time and knowing a good bargain are the two essentials to find a wedding gown costing less than USD 1000. Finding the right wedding dress might seem like a challenge, but with patience you will get your dream dress.