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Wedding Favor Bag Ideas

Wedding Favor Bag Ideas
Wedding favors are given to wedding guests to show your gratitude for attending the wedding. But just choosing a great wedding favor is not enough. How you present it is also very important. Here wedding favor bags comes in useful.
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While preparing and planning for your wedding, you have no doubt considered what type of wedding favors you are going to present to your guests. But have you given a thought as to how you are going to present them. It is a way by which the bride and groom can show their appreciation for the presence of the guests at the ceremony. Therefore you need to choose wedding favors carefully so that they are appreciated and also falls within your budget. You also need to make sure that the packaging and the presentation of the favors are well thought of and looks elegant and beautiful. If you have a particular theme for the wedding, make sure that the packaging of the favors reflect the theme. Usually the wedding favors are placed in the reception tables where the guests assemble to have the food. So, the presentation of wedding favors should gel with the wedding decorations for a seamless and cohesive look. Wedding favor bags and wedding favor boxes are used for presenting wedding favors. They are available in myriad of designs and styles to suit your wedding decoration and wedding theme. If you are not happy with what the stores have to offer, you can even design and make your own favor bags.
Ideas for Favor Bags for Weddings
One of the most popular favor bags for weddings are the organza favor bags. These type of bags are generally drawstring bags made out of organza fabric in soft pastel colors like off-white, lavender, peach, sea green and light blue. If you are looking for cheap wedding favor bags, then there are very good options available in the market. The problem with organza bags is that they are bit too plain and boring. But there is no reason that you cannot jazz them up a bit and make them look like personalized wedding favor bags. Using embellishments like sequins, mini stars and adding colorful lace and satin ribbons can make the bags look absolutely stunning.
A great wedding favor bag is the mini paper bag. Before you dismiss the humble paper bag as too boring and plain to adorn the reception table, just look at the possibilities that a plain paper bag offers. To make a personalized paper favor bag, just choose a beautiful image of a flower or leaf and get a rubber stamp with the image etched on it. Use the stamp to make the design on the plain white paper bags. Fill the bags with the wedding favors and then fold it over and secure top of the bag with double-sided tape. Make a handle for the paper bag by looping a paper chord over the flap of the bag. You can also use a monogram of your initials to stamp on the paper bag.
Another good choice in favor bags for weddings are the bags made with thick card stock. These type of bags are available in any good wedding decoration stores or you can get them online. These bags are made out of glossy card stock and are available in a variety of colors to suit your wedding color palette. Cutouts are made at the top of the bag, so that a satin or grosgrain ribbon can be fitted through the cutouts and then tied into a ribbon. This gives an elegant touch to the wedding favor bag.
Favor bags made out of paper, net, organza and patterned silk are the most popular with brides. You can also personalize them by using different types of embellishments and sequins. Remember that the presentation of the favors is as important as the gift that you choose to put inside the favor bags.
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