Wedding Favor Ideas for Men

Feminine wedding favors are passé. This article has some wedding favor ideas for men, not women. After all, they too could do with some attention, don't you think? (*wink*) Go through the ideas mentioned and see what you like.
Wedessence Staff
Somehow, when we think of wedding favors, we always tend to take for granted that both men and women will graciously accept whatever is placed on the table and be happy with it. And while the 'graciously accepting' part will definitely happen, the 'being happy' part, maybe not so much. Why? Well, honestly give it a thought. How many men out there actually want scented candles or fairy lamps? I mean, what are they possibly going to use them for? Apart from handing them over to the women in their lives? Not much, right? So, especially for men at weddings, this Wedessence article will share some favor ideas! Go through them and have them placed on a separate table for all the men at your wedding. The sentiment will be much appreciated, trust me!
Sporty Favors
Where there are men, there are sports. And where there are sports, it only makes sense to give favors that have a sporty appeal, don't you think? So, you can take your pick from any of the ones mentioned here. You can buy tubes of golf balls and have them wrapped candy-style with a wrapping paper that isn't very flashy. It's a man's favor remember? You can also give out football or baseball gloves in neatly wrapped boxes. Another option is some cheerful looking baseball hats, in nicely packed boxes as well. Another favor that will be more than welcome is a huge beer mug!
Men need some pampering too. And as much as they may deny it, they could do with some TLC for themselves. So, you can put together small baskets of toiletries that are popular with men. Include things like shower gels, shampoos, hair gels, body prays, after shaves etc. If you think a basket will be too much, you can just put them in opaque pouches (neutral colors, nothing girly) and fasten them with drawstrings.
No man is complete without his set of accessories. So, as favors, make all the men attending feel a little extra special by giving them some simple, but popular accessories. These could be things like key rings, cuff links, writing instruments, bottle openers, corkscrews, etc. wrapped in girly looking wrappers, just to pull their leg!
Personalized Favors
When we talk about personalized wedding favors, we always tend to personalize them as per the couple getting married. For your wedding, how about changing that a little? How about instead of personalizing the favors according to your names or wedding date, you personalize them according to the men who're attending? How? Well, judge by your RSVPs the number of men likely to attend the wedding. Now you can pick anything like a handkerchief set, or a tie, or even silverware, and have the person's name or initials embroidered or embossed (respectively) on them. When you place them on the table, make sure they're neatly wrapped and bear a card or tag naming the recipient. Plus, you may want to keep a few blank favors on the side too, for unforeseen arrivals.
If there's one thing that will earn you major brownie points for having the best wedding favors, it's got to be miniatures. They are classy, elegant and sophisticated. And they do not come cheap, so be willing to spend some serious money on them. For miniatures, you can choose different alcohols, perfume, or even artifacts from an exotic location if you wish. You can wrap it in simple brown paper and have a tag with a thank you note for each favor.
Useful Favors
Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are bound to be a lot of everyday use objects that you can give men as wedding favors. Coasters, small glass jars, tin containers, flasks, shot glasses, calculators, etc. are some of the items that may or may not seem like appropriate items to be given as favors, but they're definitely useful!
Well, that was my take on what you can give men as wedding favors. If you have any more ideas on what would make good favors for men, feel free to drop a comment with your idea. Have a wonderful wedding and cheer up the men with these awesome ideas!
Variety of glasses
Set of luxury perfume bottles on white background
Ring for men
Silver corkscrew open for use on a white background
Toiletries in Quart Sized Plastic Bag