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Wedding Favors for Children

Deepa Kartha Nov 3, 2018
Giving wedding favors to your guests is a way of thanking them for being a part of your happiness. They are usually bought for adults who are attending the wedding. But, it is necessary to have favors for children as well. Here are some ideas you can consider.
A wedding is the day when two people in love are united in an everlasting companionship. As this is the most special day for the bride and the bridegroom, they celebrate it with the people they love the most, i.e. their family and friends. To ensure that their big day remains memorable for the guests forever, they give the guests favors.
Many couples do not think of giving different favors to the kids attending the ceremony and give them the same thing as their parents. But kids may not like such favors as it would mean nothing to a five year old if he is given an executive diary. Hence, it would be great if you think of something that would make the kids happy and enjoy your celebration.

Why are They Necessary?

It is seen that little kids cannot concentrate on the same thing for a long time. Especially, during weddings and receptions where they are forced to sit down in one place. There is a high chance of them getting restless and cranky which may disturb the ceremony as well as other guests.
So, having favors for kids can prevent such situations from occurring. There are lots of things that you can give to the kids and you can choose them as per the child's gender, age and your budget too.


The best favors would be something that'll keep them engaged during the ceremony and the reception. You can give them tote bags filled with activity and coloring books that would keep them busy.
You can pack the bag with other gifts like crayons, stickers, a bottle of bubbles, building sets, key chains, etc.
Give them edible favors. This does not restrict only to the kids, but can also be given to the adults. You can opt for chocolate favors, where you could fill a basket full of chocolates, cookies, pastries, marshmallows, nuts, muffins, candies and little thank you card or a key chain that says thank you with your names and the date.
You can give goodie boxes, the contents of these boxes can depend child's gender. For instance, you can have boxes filled with dolls, little animals, necklaces and bracelets made of beads, etc. for girls.
You can have little cars, action figures, whistles, yo-yos, etc. for boys. You can include picture books, comic books, and video games in these boxes.
Another cool idea would be stuffed toys of different animals, cartoon characters, etc. In this case, there are a variety of options available in the market for you to select from.
Giving them personalized mugs which have a handle of some animal would also be lovely. You can personalize the mug by writing each child's name, your names and wedding date on it.
Soap baskets are also great. You can put in bubble bath solution and soaps of different shapes and colors. Stuffing the basket with shampoo bottles, oils, etc., would also be loved by little kids.
While wrapping the favors, you could put the child's name on it to avoid confusion if you have bought favors according to their age and interests. If your favors have some activities, it's better you give it to them as soon as they arrive. By doing so, you can ensure the kids as well as their parents and the rest of the guests enjoy the festivities.