Wedding Flower Bouquet Ideas

Wedding Flower Bouquet Ideas You'll Want to Steal Right Away

Here are a few bridal bouquet and other wedding flower ideas for those who are planning a wedding.
Wedessence Staff
Last Updated: Aug 23, 2018
Are you, or someone you are close to, planning a wedding? If so, you know that there are tons of choices, and so many things to plan for. Bridal bouquets and other wedding flowers are just a small part of the planning, but they can be a time-consuming affair. Here are some ideas to help move things along.
Bridal Bouquets
Wedding bouquet of roses, freesias and carnations
Many brides like to hold white bouquets. They could include white roses, mini carnations, and the likes. They could also be a combination of flower types, like dendrobium orchids with white roses and/or carnations.
Bride holding unusual wedding bouquet with ranunculus
A nice white ranunculus bunch would also be a nice alternative to white roses.
There are many beautiful color combinations that can be mixed with white roses as well. If you like blue or violet, delphiniums are a nice choice.
Bridal Series
An iris also looks lovely in blue. For those of you who like pastel colors (the colors of spring) pink and purple blossoms and pink roses might be right for you. An iris might come in white and yellow too.
Bouquet of ranunculus flowers
A bunch of baby breaths add a nice touch to the arrangement. The ribbon on the bridal bouquet is usually white, but you can match the ribbon to the wedding colors or bridesmaid dresses if you like.
Wedding Bouquets
Speaking of the bridesmaids, what are they going to carry? Sometimes these ladies have a smaller version of the bridal bouquet, or they have single flower that is white or a color that matches with their dresses. A simple group of pink carnations can look pretty too.
Wedding bouquet with garden Roses, and Sweet pea, flowers
Sweet peas are also lovely delicate flowers that you can get in lavender, pink, white, or pretty much whatever color you like. They are also a lovely combination with hyacinths, which come in different colors as well.
Flower Bouquet Of Pink Roses
You may want to save the rose combinations for your bridal bouquet.
Geraniums can be a nice alternative to carnations in violet, red, or pink. A fresh ranunculus has lots of petals, and looks like such a nice full flower. They are slightly bigger and fluffier than carnations, and would also make a great alternative to carnations.
Other Wedding Flowers
Portrait of a beautiful girl with flowers on her hair
Small floral arrangements can be made for the hair. Clips with fresh flowers, a crown of baby breaths, or a single flower by the ear are a few simple adornments that look simple yet elegant.
Prom or Wedding Corsages
Corsages and boutonnieres are of course given to the parents of the bride and groom, the groom, and the bridal party. They can have matching ribbons, bows or/and colors, or they can all be unique.
The flowers can be white with ribbons that match with the bridesmaid dresses, or they can matched with the dresses, and the ribbons could be white. Small to medium flowers should be used in a small arrangements of no more than three flowers (not including baby breaths).
Beautiful wedding table decoration
What about the centerpieces, the church decorations, and the reception hall? The possibilities are endless, and almost all flowers are almost always included somewhere. One idea is to get imitation flowers.
There are very realistic and beautiful imitation flowers available at arts and crafts stores that would serve the purpose. They are much easier to preserve, and you can get them in advance without worrying about them wilting.
Centerpiece Wedding Flowers
You can also use them to study some flower types and get some ideas. If you come up with something you like, you can arrange them yourself with imitation flowers and have a florist put together a real set that looks just like it.
Remember to have fun, and relax as much as possible. Flowers are nothing compared to the long wonderful life ahead, after the special day is done.