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Wedding Flowers by Color

Wedding Flowers by Color
Choosing specific colored wedding flowers for a theme would be perfect to create a grand ambiance. Read this article to know the types of flowers having different colors, and how they can be used in wedding decorations...
Saptakee Sengupta
Apart from creating an aesthetically pleasing ambiance, the presence of flowers at weddings has always been connoted with bringing good luck and happiness in the life of the prospective couple. A wedding without flowers simply cannot be imagined. Floral decorations are usually set up inside wedding halls, and they cover almost every artifact present there. Colorful flowers add vibrancy to the environment, while unicolor shades induce a soothing charm all around. Flowers are also used for decorating bridal wear, boutonnières of grooms, and wedding arches. This article shall provide you with a guide to the different wedding flowers by color, that would help you in selecting the right flowers for the theme you have chosen.
Types of Wedding Flowers and their Colors
The choice of colors is mostly dependent on the season and destination of the wedding. Spring weddings are usually decorated with light tones like mauve, lavender, white and yellow, as are summer weddings. You can easily add a theme to your wedding ceremony once you get some knowledge about the different types of flowers. Tropical flowers entwined with vines truly complement beach weddings, while weddings taking place during winters invite bright colored flowers. Thus, you can also choose the color of the flowers according to season.
The information given below would guide you further in knowing the flowers that would fit your wedding color theme.
Flowers in olive shades
Cymbidium green orchid
Flowers in olive shades are rare, but you can always look for them in floral shops having a collection of seasonal species. Such flowers are usually found in destination weddings that take place amidst natural beauty. They create a more natural look everywhere. Tropical flowers are some common types, while others include celosias, gladiolus green flowers, green lisianthus, thistle lime green flowers, cymbidium green orchids, green Irish petals, hydrangea lime green flowers, etc.
Yellow flowers
Yellow daffodils
Weddings decorated with yellow flowers signify freshness of life. You have an ample choice at hand for yellow wedding flowers during spring. Yellow roses, tulips, casa lilies, daffodils, gerberas, dahlias, freesias, and chrysanthemums would suit the occasion perfectly. Floral arrangements in sunny bright hues also complement summer weddings, and you can create a grand decoration with these different types of flowers.
Orange flowers
Orange flowers
Soft, gorgeous, and charming at the same time, orange is a royal shade for wedding ceremonies. Flowers having these colors include trumpet vines, light orange cannas, daisies, orange tulips, moss roses, gerber daisies, etc. Floral decorations in orange, when combined with white and yellow, creates an elegant vibe all around. You can add these flowers to bouquets and garlands for decoration purposes as well.
Lavender color flowers
Lavender color flowers
The presence of lavender colored flowers fill the atmosphere with a soothing beauty. The lightest shade of pink suits summer weddings and they mark eternal love between couples. Double bloom oriental lilies, thistle, pink snow petal dahlias, hyacinths (light pink), asters, pink freesias, stocks (light pink), French tulips, and hydrangeas contain this natural shade. These flowers are usually used to make corsages and bouquets.
Pink flowers
Pink  color flowers
It's a muted shade that has a feminist appeal. Perfectly complemented on the outfit of grooms, they could also be used for lavish decorations. Asiatic lilies, lisianthus flowers, pink roses, pink lavender button dahlias, peonies (rose pink), hot pink Dutch hydrangeas, anemone flowers, rice flowers, etc., are some wonderful species blooming in pink. From boutonnières to corsages and bouquets, they create an ethereal ambiance.
Red color flowers
Red  color flowers
Light shades have a different appeal, but absence of red flowers almost takes away the essence of love from wedding ceremonies. With so many flowers blooming in red, you will be charmed by their fiery beauty. Red roses, red poppies, hibiscus, tulips, red azaleas, salvias, geraniums, lobelias, and peonies are a worthy pick for wedding ceremonies. The colors are bright and the flowers bloom with fresh fragrance.
Dark violet flowers
Dark violet flowers
Dark violet flowers are some of the most beautiful species that could be used for wedding decorations. You can mix match with yellow, lavender, and pure white as well. Flowers used for making bridal jewelry look best in violet tones. Some unique species of violet flowers include heliotropes, purple speedwells, fan flowers, bee balms, purple pansy bell flowers, etc. These flowers are endowed with dark purple color that looks exquisitely beautiful during wedding ceremonies.
Blue color flowers
Blue color  flowers
This cool tone perfectly blends with monsoon weddings. The German Blaue blume or cornflower has a similar tone that symbolizes romanticism. You will find numerous orchids of this tone with flowers blooming in different shades of blue. To name a few species, delphiniums, glechomas, Iris isotomas, nepteas, primulas, sesleria campanulas, punctatas, etc., are some of the best and most beautiful. Above all these flowers render a contemporary appeal to weddings.
Make sure you get the decorations done by professional wedding planners having considerable expertise in floral decorations. Once you decide the theme of your wedding, you can easily proceed with the ornamentation work.