Wedding Food Stations

A top choice for weddings nowadays, wedding food stations bring forth all convenience and no stress with a large variety to offer to guests. What can be served on these? Let's take a look.
Food stations at weddings are emerging as a popular choice among wedding food ideas. Instead of a pre-decided seated meal, wedding food stations allow guests to choose what they want to eat, mingle with other guests, and basically have a great time at your wedding. Multiple food stations give a greater and distinctive choices, so your guests can enjoy a little bit of every meal. Not everyone may want to eat at the same time. Some may want to eat sooner, some a little later. Fulfilling all these desires of guests are wedding food stations that offer so much more flexibility. You will find yourself less stressed too.

Now, you may have been told that substituting these stations for the traditional buffet is a cheaper option for a wedding. However, this largely depends on the type of stations you provide and the number you serve. It also depends on the number of people attending the wedding. Usually, these seem very feasible for a larger number of people than for a smaller wedding. In any case, wedding food stations can be as expensive as the others. It is still a novel idea that you may embrace for your upcoming wedding, and watch your guests enjoy it thoroughly.

Some Great Ideas You can Use for Wedding Food Stations

Now that you have decided you want to have food stations at your wedding, you have to actually sit down and decide what exactly it is that you would like to serve to your guests. Here, we have enlisted some very popular choices for wedding food stations, though it may be as formal or as casual as you would like it to be.
  • Sushi Bar: A healthy but very delicious choice, sushi bars can showcase chefs preparing sushi rolls on the spot based on guest choices. An assortment of sauces to go with the sushi will have your guests licking their fingers long after the meal has been enjoyed!
  • Cheese Fondue Station: Fondue prepared with a variety of cheeses is an absolutely exotic choice for a food station. Offer an assortment of breads and vegetables to be enjoyed with the fondue. It is not necessary to have several types of fondue, and even any one specific cheese fondue will suffice.
  • Potato Martini Bar: Traditional mashed potatoes (tweaked to the liking of guests) served in martini glasses are very popular at weddings these days. As mentioned, these mashed potatoes can be modified based on the wedding venue, i.e. the traditional way in which it is made in the city, or served as its authentic self.
  • Arabian Food Station: Falafel, roasted chicken, tabouli, hummus, and a variety of Arabian preparations whipped up then and there for guests are definitely going to be loved by your guests.
  • Soup Station: For guests who love soups, this will be a real treat. Put together a choice of gourmet soups with add-ons such as soup sticks, garlic bread, cheeses, and the like.
  • Pasta Bar: The traditional Italian food that all of us love will be greatly appreciated when prepared to choice and served steaming hot at a wedding. A highly economical choice, different types of pastas, sauces, and add-ons such as mushrooms, shrimp, jalapenos, olives, etc. are sure to be a great hit as a wedding food station!
  • Dessert Station: Chocolate fondue, crepes, tarts, mousse, and all other delicious desserts at one spot will leave your guests completely fulfilled at the end of the delicious dinner you have put together for them.
Other ideas for food stations at weddings could be generated based on the background of the couple that is getting married, or keeping in mind the cultural background of the majority of guests attending the wedding. On the other hand, it could be specific to the wedding location, say if you are having a destination wedding. Your caterer will definitely provide you with several choices and better combinations. Your job is to choose food stations that your guests are sure to enjoy, and that will be economical for you too. So, embrace the idea and employ this novel concept. It is bound to be a hit at your wedding. Enjoy!
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