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Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Rujuta Borkar Feb 8, 2019
Want to have a wedding guest book that's really different? Perfect. Here's presenting some guest book ideas that you can use.
A wedding is such a special time. You wish that all your wedding moments last forever. And you want everything to be perfect―the ceremony, the toasts, the music, the flowers... everything. Are you forgetting something? What about the perfect wedding guest book?
A guest book is like a scrap book in which the guests write their thoughts about the wedding, complimenting the couple and the ceremony. It's really a treasure trove of emotions that the couple can keep going back to in order to re-live those cherished moments over and over again.
Guest books are therefore very important and should be treated that way. They have to be made special. How? There are several unique ideas that you can choose from.

Get Everyone In

What's the point of having a guest book that is half empty? No point. So make sure that everyone there signs it. How? Ask a close friend to do it. Let him travel from table to table and get him to request the guests to sign in.

Add Memories

Instead of the guests simply filling in their name, address and a mandatory 'Congrats', ask them to make it interesting. Request them to write about their memory of you or how they met you, or something on those lines. It'll be very interesting and nostalgic to read.

Stick Snaps

If this idea has to be made successful, you'll have to prepare for it in advance. Ask the guests to carry a picture of themselves and stick it on the page that they write on. Tell them not to make it dry  but add more zing to the book by drawing pictures and graffiti on it.

Click Snaps

Alternately, one can also have a personal snap clicked of the guest with the couple at the wedding and then stick it in the guest book. In this way, the guest will not have to carry the snap from home and you'll still have your memories.


Why stick to the old guest book ideas for weddings by ways of pens and markers when you can do so much more? Do you have a theme for your wedding? Then use it to your advantage. If the theme is bohemian, then add graffiti like peace signs or headbands which signifies that. If it's a beach theme then have motifs of shells and sand stuck on the pages.

Make it a Tradition

Why not make the book a heirloom for the generations to come? Use a book that has lots and lots of pages, and then pass it on to your kids so that they can use it at their wedding. Much like a wedding dress that is passed on from one generation to the next, don't you think?

Individual Choice

Have a separate page sent to each guest and let them decorate it in the way that they want. Then simply bind the pages together to make them. And voila!―You've got yourself a very creative and wacky book, with some really sentimental messages and others bordering on hilarious.


Instead of having a traditional wedding guest book, one could have a video recording of the guest's messages dedicated to the happy couple and then edit it for an entire video. This is a very nice way of capturing all the emotions of your guests.
You can also try other alternatives like―one could drop the idea of a book and opt for a heirloom that can be converted into a guest book instead. Like framing a picture onto a mat and then having all the guests sign it. Or, remember back in school when we had all our friends sign our clothes? You can do the same thing.
These were some of the special and rather easy ideas that you can choose from. So when you do get married, don't resort to the same old boring 'pen and book' routine, but re-vamp and transform it into a book that will be talked about for a long time after.