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Wedding Guest Dresses for 2018

Wedding Guest Dresses for 2018
If you're searching for beautiful, unique wedding guest dresses, this article will provide you with all the tips that you need. From what to wear, to what not to wear, this article shall take care of everything.
Wedessence Staff
Last Updated: Dec 28, 2017
Shopping for an appropriate dress while attending a wedding can tend to be confusing as the market is filled with innumerable of options. The first thing you need to realize at such times, is that you can't buy a dress just because it looks beautiful.

There are many things you need to consider before you pick a dress, most of which are mentioned below. Your attire in public speaks a lot about the kind of person you are, and this makes it even more important that we pick up the very best, isn't it?
Various Options in Wedding Guest Dresses
Flaunt the Colors
a girl wearing a red one shoulder dress
You can opt for some floral or bohemian prints. Also, pastel shades are the latest trends. In the summers, you can probably wear shades of blue, earth green and lilac. If you're buying this dress for a winter wedding, you can try shocking red, sensual violet or maybe, majestic bottle green. Don't be skeptical about choosing a bright color, unless you're going to feel uncomfortable wearing one.
Period Dresses
A girl wearing a strapless dress
Choose a dress with meaning, with an inspiration that can be felt immediately. Are you someone who was inspired by the dresses in the 1960's? You can choose or get a similar dress stitched. In the 1960's, shoulder pads and the famous Jackie Kennedy pillbox hat were trending. If it's a late evening wedding, you can team up a formal shirt and knee-length skirt as your dress. You can also try music inspired clothing depending on particular music, and the era in which it was a trend.
Keep it Stylish
a girl in a slit dress
There are many women who prefer being clad in simple clothing, but they might just want to consider that again. We're going to step into a new decade where fashion has a whole new meaning, and everything is about keeping it stylish. Pick a dress that has a wonderful style, and a pattern that would make anyone's head turn. We all know the difference between something that is fashionable, and something that is not, so choose something that has immense styling.
Use a Theme
two girls wearing black dresses
Many couples today decide to have a theme for their wedding, and it's very important that you dress perfectly in accordance with it. Most of us receive invitations beforehand to help us decide our attire for the wedding, but sometimes we don't. For such times, always keep a simple black, red, white and violet dress ready. According to the theme, you just need to pick up accessories instead of picking up dresses. This way, you have multiple options ready.
Vintage Dresses
A group of girls wearing vintage dresses
Suddenly, vintage themes have become a part of contemporary trends. These dresses would give you a royal, and a classy look without having to try too hard. Choose a dress in the colors of terracotta, yellow, pastels, cream, black, red and blue. Such colors portray a vintage look.
Seasonal Colors
group of girls wearing a season color dresses
Every year, one ascertains the 'colors of season' after the fashion week for the season. This spring season saw some really colorful designs. The favorite colors were meadowlark, cherry tomato, little boy blue, chili oil, pink lavender, blooming dahlia, arcadia, ultra violet, emperador, almost mauve spring crocus, and lime punch. Make sure your dress has one of these. Still worried about design? Try paisley in the colors mentioned before.
Accessories to Complement Wedding Guest Dresses
golden wedding footwear
Seldom should you settle down for flats, with your dress. Always opt for heels, up to about 4 inches. Anything more than that for a wedding, and you almost have a wardrobe malfunction. Don't make your footwear too frilly; buy something that is elegant. Due to certain circumstances, if you have to wear flats, choose gladiators.
pink heart shaped handbag
Carry a small compact handbag with just one compartment, or else you'll have to invest a lot of your time taking care of it. Clutches are a safe bet. They will never, ever let you down. Bold colors are in this season, but carry them only till summer. In winters, go back to the basics with black, gray, white, and the occasional beige.
a girl with a diamond earring
Opt for bright, yet delicate jewelry. Bold jewelry in bright colors is never meant for a wedding. However, your first choice should always be pearls. They never go out of fashion! Statement neck pieces, arm cuffs, big statement rings are in trends this year. You have to be very careful with the jewelry you choose. If you wear big dangling earrings, avoid a necklace. Space it out!
These ideas relating to wedding guest dresses will make sure your attire is best-suited for weddings. This year is the year of colors; make good use of them. Your attire has to be fresh, and novel. If you have time, try styling your own dress.