Types of Wedding Invitation Papers

Wedding invitations are the first thing that a guest will notice when she is invited for your wedding. The paper that the invitation is printed on will have a bearing on how good the wedding invitation will turn out to be.
One of the most important element of a wedding is the wedding invitations. But with so many other things claiming your attention, like booking a reception hall and searching for the perfect wedding dress, sometimes choosing suitable wedding invitation cards is sidelined. But you need to remember that the wedding invitations sets the tone for the wedding and it is also the first intimation that the guest have of your upcoming nuptials. Choosing the perfect design, motif and wording are all important component of the wedding invitation. But there is another important factor that most people overlook and that is the paper used for printing the wedding invitation cards on. No matter how great the motif or how beautiful the calligraphy of the invitation, it will not look great if the paper is not of the highest quality. There are many different types of invitation paper from translucent vellum, 100 percent cotton to handmade paper. Some of these papers are more durable than others and some come in many different textures and colors. While choosing an invitation paper, keep in mind your invitation design and your budget.
Types of Paper used for Wedding Invitations
Cotton Fiber
One of the most popular paper, this type of paper is made from 100% cotton. It has a smooth satiny finish and it is pristine white in color. 100% cotton fiber paper is highly prized and ideal for a wedding invitation because they are durable and they are not prone to yellowing or discoloration. However, they are very expensive and best suited if you are having a small wedding where you are inviting a limited number of guests.
Translucent Vellum
Another good choice for invitation paper is translucent vellum. It is a translucent paper that is smooth and silky to touch. Due to its transparency, it is generally used along with some other kind of paper. It is bit on the expensive side, but it is not as expensive as 100% cotton.
Linen is also a popular choice for wedding invitation paper. It has a slightly grainy texture but is not overly bumpy. It is used for many formal or semi formal wedding invitations. It is also available in many colors so that you can customize your wedding invitations.
Jacquard is a screen printed paper which gives a beautiful layered look and texture. It is also a very good choice for wedding invitations. The paper is not too heavy and texture of the paper is such that you can print on it without any hassles.
This paper is thin, smooth and semi transparent. It has an almost velvety, waxy texture and is very shiny in appearance. It is a great choice for wedding invitations as it is lightweight and not too expensive.
Handmade Paper
Handmade paper has emerged as one of the most sought after and trendy options in wedding invitation paper. It is made from organic material like cotton, hemp, rag and plant fiber. Handmade paper has a rough and grainy texture and it is heavier than most papers. It is also an eco-friendly option. However, because of its delicate texture, wedding invitations that are made with handmade paper has to be handwritten. As such it is best used for a small wedding where the number of guests is small.
Parchment is a superior quality paper that is very lightweight. It is a translucent paper that is smooth in texture and matte in appearance. It is an ideal paper for calligraphy and embossing and also for hand painted and hand designed wedding invitations.
Some other paper that are commonly used for wedding invitations are mylar, marbled paper, moiré and corrugated card stock. If you are going to mail most of your wedding invitations, then choose a paper that is a durable but lightweight. Choosing the right paper is very important as the final look of the wedding invitations depends a great deal on the paper you have selected.